These New Features of WhatsApp that Android User Will Get!

There is no doubt about Whatsapp that it is the most popular and widely used Instant messaging app that is available on multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Web, etc.

And it offers the simple and easy-to-use user interface so that every smartphone user can easily be able to use this app to communicate with their friends and family members. But today, we are here to tell you something about the all-new upcoming features of WhatsApp, and I’m damn sure that these features of this app will everyone like.

These New Features of WhatsApp that Android User Will Get! 1

“Dark Mode” & “Swipe to reply” on WhatsApp

In the new upcoming features, the dark mode is one of the main features that will come with the upcoming version of WhatsApp. And there is another feature also comes with, which is a “swipe to reply,” this feature will allow the users to send the replies to any messages by swiping to the right side.

So, with this new “Swipe to Reply” feature all the users will easily be able to reply to any messages by swiping.

The Most popular and well-known WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook has also declared that they will also offer the dark mode on their messaging app “Messanger.”

This feature “Swipe to Reply‘ feature is already launched in a Beta version of Whatsapp, and many beta users have tested this feature on their Android smartphone. But for now, the Beta Testing program of Whatsapp is full.

Along with these above-mentioned features, WhatsApp has recently released a new update, In which the users will have an option to view the media files directly from the notification. So, wait till the stable version available to all.

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