Have you ever got the pop-up as Screen Overlay Detected on your smartphone? Might be, all the users have the same answer, and it will be Yes. Most of the users have seen that error message while installing a new app. That message comes as “Screen Overlay Detected, to change this permission setting, you first have to turn off the screen overlay in Settings > Apps.” If you do not disable it then, the app will not install. So, what to do when this type of error message appears? You will find the answer here in the discussion of How to Turn Off Screen Overlay in Samsung J7.

Here, the procedure we are mentioning is for Samsung J7, but it will apply for all the smartphones. It is helpful for all the device because the process is the same, but may steps vary. Let’s come back to the topic. The error message as Screen Overlay Detected mainly comes when you are trying to install a new app. You have installed many apps on the device, and that may cause such kind of errors.

Let’s come back to the topic. The error message as Screen Overlay Detected mainly comes when you are trying to install a new app. You have installed many apps on the device, and that may cause such kind of errors. To understand this error, just look at an example of the Facebook Messenger app. We know that while sending or receiving any message, the chat head or pop-up comes on the screen. It will stay till we close it. If we are using another app, even then the chat head will remain there. It means the Messenger is running on the top of the app that you are using.

This is what the “Screen Overlay Detected” error message is. The same thing may happen when you are receiving this error message while installing a new app. When you are installing any new app, then do not run any app in the background. It may create such an overlay error. If you have once got this message, then without disabling the screen overlay, you can not go ahead. And, you must disable it to install the app. So, here we have a solution to get rid of the error message. Have a look at that and apply it to the device for an easy solution.

How to Turn Off Screen Overlay in Samsung J7?

Here, we will list 3 easy solutions to overcome the screen overlay issue in Samsung J7 device. You can also apply these tricks to other Android devices with your risk and responsibility.

How to Turn Off Screen Overlay in Samsung J7

AntiVirus PRO

The easiest solution to apply for this error message is the use of AntiVirus PRO Android Security App. This app can restore all the required system configuration. That can easily solve this error. It also helps you to protect your device from such viruses that are coming with the various apps. The AntiVirus PRO Android Security App also assists you to improve the performance of your Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone.

But, the important thing is that this AntiVirus PRO Android Security is not a free app. To use, you will have to pay some certain amount of money. However, you can download it from the Google Store. But before that, make sure about the payment. Alternatively, you can use any other antivirus app on your smartphone. Some of them are listed here.

From Settings

In this solution, we will show you some simple steps to follow. You have to just perform these steps on your J7.

  • Go to the Settings > Apps.
  • Go to the Application Manager > More.
  • It shows you a pop-up having three more options. In which, choose the second option as Apps that can appear on top.
  • Here, you should get a list of the apps. From where just tap on the slider to disable it which is at the next to the app. We recommend you to disable the app that you were used just before installing the new app.

In your Galaxy J7, these steps will fix the screen overlay issue. Now, again try to install the app and you may not get it again.

But, what about the users who are not using the Samsung devices? So, for those users, we will also mention an easy process for getting out the issue. It can be used for all other users of smartphones.

  • First of all, open the menu of the device that you are using.
  • Go to the Settings of the mobile.
  • Here, select the Apps option. In some smartphones, this option also comes as Application. It might depend on the manufacturer of the device.
  • On the next screen, it brings a list of all the apps whether it is installed or pre-installed. Here, at the top right corner, there are three dots are located. Tap on it.
  • It is having two more options as Sort by size and Reset app preferences. The second option is for you to select.
  • You will get another pop-up as soon as select the second option. It is for confirmation. In which, after reading it, tap on Reset Apps option.

It may take a while. But, it will never erase any app data or other valuable data for any apps. So, without worrying about data loss, perform the process to get rid of the screen overlay issue.

Now, we will end up this discussion regarding How to Turn Off Screen Overlay in Samsung J7. In which, we have listed the solutions for both Samsung and Non-Samsung smartphone users. By using which, you can quickly solve the Screen Overlay Detected issue.

We hope that this discussion will help you whenever the overlay issue message appears. If you can solve it using this discussion, then also share it with all the Android users whom you know. We also welcome your review of the discussion. Do let us know your opinion.

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