Nowadays, several smartphones are getting unique space with their best features and experience. But some products still get stuck due to containing unnecessary features, which is responsible for happening this problem.

Even though there is no doubt that the quality and technologies of smartphones are good, but still some of the devices may suffer from this issue which will be discussed further and also tries to provide the best resolution in this Further passage.

If we are discussing Poco M3, it is a great phone. It has a lot of features that are useful for a phone. However, there is one problem that can occur with this phone. Sometimes, after a reboot, the phone will not turn on.

How To Fix Poco M3 Not Turning On After Reboot_

Due to this, users have found too many irritating gestures and set poor mindsets towards the product. Such an issue could happen with a particular product. Today, these problems are seen on many such pieces, and finding a solution is becoming mandatory for Poco M3 users.

How To Fix Poco M3 Not Turning On After Reboot?

Here is an attempt to overcome this issue, and it would be helpful for those phone owners who are suffering from this botheration. Now, to try to fix problems, you can try the following steps.

Step 1: First, press and hold the Power button until the phone turns off.

Step 2: Then, release the Power button and wait 10 seconds.

Step 3: Reactivate the phone by pressing the Power button and then the Volume Down button simultaneously.

Step 4: Hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the phone starts to boot up.

Step 5: Release the Power and Volume Down buttons after the phone reboot.

This procedure calls the hard reset method. If the user cannot turn it on after rebooting the phone, then some tips are mentioned through which the user can easily turn on the mobile phone. But this method is compulsory to use before done previous method.

After the end of the result, you can smoothly switch on your smartphone. The method is,

  • Make sure to discharge your phone’s battery & after that, follow the next step.
  • The user should fully charge the smartphone before rebooting the phone. Moreover, the user also makes sure that the charging port is thoroughly cleaned up before putting their phone on charging mode.
  • Ensure to have the software updates on your smartphones; such bugs or viruses could be deleted from the device. As a result, it runs smoothly with more flexibility.

Still Not Working

After doing these processes, if the user does not find a remedy to turn on a smartphone after reboot, they should visit the service center and elaborate on their query in front of a customer care agent.

Furthermore, the user also tells them that they have done the procedures mentioned above but didn’t get the result through it. This matter is beneficial in fixing this stuff of phone for customer care technicians, and as a result, users can rapidly get their product ready to use.

If the Poco M3 smartphone has a warranty period and suffers from this crisis, the user must request the retailer to replace or return their product.


Before purchasing any smartphone, we recommend that you check all its features and durability, especially for Poco M3. The reason is nowadays, this type of problem happens mostly with this smartphone.

So if a user purchases this smartphone, the first role of the user is to check the smartphone. They have to find these bugs or problems if found, then change or return back as soon as possible.

All in all, this such of information or method is to solve the problem for us. But when you attempt this procedure, make sure to be careful about the proceeding steps.

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