Are you worrying about frequently losing valuable data from your Android device? G Cloud automatically backup your important data like SMS, call logs, and contacts from your Android device to the cloud and allow you to restore the same data whenever you lose it. If you are rooting your device and have a backup, you can restore it.

G Cloud intelligently, automatically, and effortlessly protects and backs up all your android data to a secure cloud location. By using a G Cloud Android app, you can quickly fix or replace your Android device to restore everything. You can also transfer your backup data to another Android device; you just need to install a G Cloud Android app on that Android device and click on the restore option there.

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You can quickly set the time to schedule a backup, and it will automatically back up your selected data at your specified time when your device is in idle status. It also lets you set how would you like to take backup, whether via WiFi connection or data connection.

G Cloud works smarter. It will backup your Android data when you are connected to WiFi, when plugged in, or have sufficient battery life & you can back up almost everything like G-Cloud can back up data to the cloud-like your call log, contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music, and documents, etc.

G Cloud Backup features[Updated]:

  • An Automatic Scheduled Backup option lets you never lose your valuable data.
  • Support for Multiple Devices with a single account. Get Genie Backup Manager Professional 9 for a computer.
  • 1 GB free Online Storage Account with G cloud server.
  • Get more space by upgrading the plan up to 10 GB for only $0.99/month.
  • Providing backup for contents like Documents, Lists, Applications, Contacts, SMS, System Settings, Web Browser Settings, and Multimedia.
  • No Rooting is needed for running this Android App on your device.
  • Backup of External Memory Card.
  • Immediate Backup of all Files.
  • Very high-security data protection.
  • Easy to transfer & migrate (backup & restore) your Android data.

Where to Download G Cloud Backup Android App?
As we know, there is only one store for all Android users to download all the Android Device associated data. So, to download the G Cloud Backup app, visit the Google Play Store.

G Cloud Backup
G Cloud Backup
Developer: Genie9 LTD
Price: Free

We hope you enjoyed reading this article; if you have any questions about backing up your data to the cloud or taking your smartphone backup, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    • There is option to select which thing you want to backup or don’t want to backup on G Cloud, you can uncheck the box that you don’t want saved in gcloud.

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