Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 not charging? If yes, then don’t panic, we are here to fix your Galaxy S7 not charging issue. This guide will discuss some tips and tricks to fix this problem.

Nothing can be more painful than having a smartphone on the table, which is not charging at all. Well, you are not alone, and many Galaxy S7 users have encountered the same issue on their handset. Charging issues in the Samsung devices, especially in Galaxy series, are among the most common problem reported by the galaxy device users.

Here are the solutions you can try to get rid of the problem.

Solutions For Galaxy S7 Not Charging Issues:

Here are some solutions to fix the charging problem of your S7. You must try the below solutions, and one of these solutions will work for you.

Reboot your device

You already read in our other articles that rebooting your device is the mother solution to all phone-related problems. So, if your Samsung S7 is not charging for any reason, you can say that a system failure caused the problem.

You can try this solution only when the phone is responsive. Press the power + volume button and check whether your phone responds or not. If not, then reboot your device as fast as you can.

To reboot your device, hold the volume down key and Power key simultaneously. Wait for 7-10 seconds until it goes off. The phone should boot up if there is enough battery left, and the S7 should typically charge after rebooting.

Checking the charger

If your phone is still not charging, then what next? Maybe the problem is not with your device, but the charger is the main culprit. So, inspect your charger correctly.

charger issue Samsung galaxy S7

Does it have dirt or lint? If yes, then clean it gently with a cloth. You can also check the pin of the charger or the port of the charger. If you find any bent pins in the cable, buy a new one instead of using this and wasting time.

Opting for wireless charging

You can also try a wireless charging option to check whether the fault is in your device or the USB port. If the device successfully charges through wireless charging, then the problem is obviously in your USB port.

Try using a different charger or cable

If someone has the same phone as yours, try to borrow his or her charger with a cable. And then check whether your phone charges with that or not. If yes, the problem is definitely with your charger, and you need to buy a new one.

check charging cable issue on samsung galaxy s7

However, if your Galaxy S7 phone is still not charging, the issue is with your battery or the phone itself. Furthermore, if it’s the battery that is causing the problem, you need to replace that with a new one.

The best idea here is to visit the Samsung Service Center and ask them to diagnose the phone. Later, you can ask them to replace the battery as well. Also, if your phone is under warranty, we don’t think battery replacement or device repair will cost you anything.


So, that’s the complete troubleshooting guide on fixing the Samsung Galaxy S7 not charging problem. If the above solutions do not work for you, rush to your nearest service centre to eliminate this problem.

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