As we know, so many actions can be easily done by using the Android smartphone device. Like the utilisation of the internet, chatting, listening to music, reading books, snapping of the pictures and so more. In which, there are only a few of the Android users who uses their device to read the book online. For those few users who love to read the book online, here we are coming with one interesting topic. In this subject, we are going to discuss an Android app, ePub Reader for Android.

So, now take a look at the discussion and keep reading the books online using this Android app.

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The android epub reader is one of the best eBooks reading apps. This Android app is readily available on the Google Play Store with free of cost. It comes with good compatibility with all of your Android smartphones as well as tablet devices. This app has good users review ratings which are about of 3.6 out of 5.0. The ePub Reader is a free e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). All the files which come with this app have the file extension as .epub. The ePub Reader is designed with an excellent user interface and is easy to use.

How to read epub files on Android

The text of this Android app will automatically set as per the display on your particular Android devices. The text contents of the app do not come as pre-formatted as fixed book pages. While, some other apps comes with the pre-formatted format of Word as well as PDF. When you open this app, the format of text contents is set up as per the size and the font. This app will also convert the format of the content into pages according to the size of the display. So while reading ePub files and books, by flipping the existing page, you can go to the next page. For more ease, you can also flip the pages by tapping or sweeping the pages.

As the contents set as per the display size, you do not have to need to zoom the text contents. No any text of the contents will go out from the device display area. It will easily manage the files as .epub, whether it is imported from the device or downloaded from the website.

Then, it also allows you to read them as by flipping the pages or as by browsing the web pages. This app is not associated with any book store or online library. The ePub Reader app provides you with the links or URLs to some Websites. By using which, you can download the DRM-free files of ePub.

ePub Reader for android
how to open epub files

This Android app will give you rapid response to all the Android smart devices. It comes with lower power as well as battery consumption of your mobile. It also offers you to read the chapters of the books as raw web pages. This app can run smoothly on every Android smart device. The ePub Reader app comes with a built-in web browser. By using this app, you can visit any link. To do so, just enter the link at the top in the search panel, by tapping on the Search option. The Search option is looking like a magnifying glass.

A left side of the Search button, you should see a sign of the folder after opening the app. Tap on it, to choose the contents as per your wish. It will show you three options as Local Memory, Cloud Storage, and Free Book Sites. You are free to choose any of the above options, depends on you. At the right side of the search button, you can see the option of Settings. Tap on it, if you want to customise the settings which come with the app. You can also choose the various mode to read the books. It means it allows you to read ePub files as web pages or as books.

This app will automatically remember the last reading position as well as the text used by you while reading. You can also remember the last reading position of the book by adding the bookmarks.Use this app to read the different books using the websites as well as web browsers.

ePub Reader for Android
ePub Reader for Android
Developer: Shu-Kai Yang
Price: Free

Do let us know which eBook reading app is your favourite? Already using this app? Do let us know what do you think of this ePub Reader for Android app in the comment section below.

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