Nowadays in the world, Facebook is most used the site by all the mobile smartphone users as social networking sites and as an instant messaging app. As we know that now Facebook messenger app comes with a great feature and it is Free Whatsapp Calling Feature. Now here, we would also discuss that type of instant messaging app which now comes with Voice Calling feature. Here, we will discuss all new Whatsapp Voice Calling feature.

New and latest WhatsApp version v2.12.19 is now come with Voice calling ability. You can easily find this latest version on WhatsApp’s website or Google Play Store. It is the first version of WhatsApp which comes with this facility. This newest version of WhatsApp can be used by all the smartphone users. WhatsApp has added this Whatsapp Free Phone Calls Feature after a long time of launched first version. You can use this latest version of the application on your smartphone device without any WhatsApp call invitation required. This version does not require someone, who already enabled to call you via Whatsapp Calling Feature. 

More About Whatsapp Calling Feature

If u really want to use this latest version of WhatsApp app, then, first of all, you need to have activated option of Unknown Sources by going into Settings. After that, download this app on your smartphone device and install on your device. After the installation process of this app, you will see three tabs as Calls, Chats, and Contacts. The tab of Calls comes with the facility of make and receive the WhatsApp voice call. The Calls tab of this WhatsApp version will collect the information of all the incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. It will show all the detailed of calls.

whatsapp calling
WhatsApp calling

The latest WhatsApp version also provides features of speaker phone mode and mute mode at the time of voice call. In a form of notification, it will also show time duration of calling and hang up. With this Whatsapp, you will also be able to make a new call to any contact of your accounts during the chatting with them. With this feature, if you try to make a call someone who is not online at that time, then you will hear the ring but the person can not be able to answer. But, when the person become online after some time, then they will get notification from you with a missed call. This all new version of WhatsApp with v2.12.19 is worked easily and better on your smartphone device.

Whatsapp Calling Feature

But, if you are not interested in download the all new WhatsApp version 2.12.19, then you will also get a joy of this new Whatsapp Voice call feature. For that, at least you should have WhatsApp app with version v2.11.561. After this, Get that person who is already enabled to call you via WhatsApp Voice call feature and say. When the person will call you and once you answer the call then you will get those three tabs on your WhatsApp as Calls, Chats, and Contacts. Once you have seen those three tabs on your app that means you will able to make a voice call with WhatsApp.

So as soon as possible, get download this all new Whatsapp version 2.12.19 with all new Voice Call feature.

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