Night Vision Camera optimizes your camera’s ability to capture the best quality images even in the dark. The Night Vision Camera simulates the Effect of Night Vision Goggles on your phone. Nowadays most of the Android phones come with the best-LED flashlight option to get better pictures.

But, Low-end devices have not as much image quality as we see in high-end devices. However, most of the mid-range handsets don’t have LED flash and to obtain good results we are using Night Vision Camera application.

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Night Vision Camera Apps

Here, you will get some of the best Night Vision Camera Apps that lest you click the clear night vision. All the app you will see below are readily available at the Google Store with free of cost. Also, it will compatible with any of your devices which are running on Android OS.

Night Vision Camera Effect

The Night Vision Camera Effect will use your device’s camera with full its potential for the good pictures. To have the image brighten, it uses a luminance boosting algorithm. Along with it, this app also configures camera features like shutter speed, scene mode, and more.

Night Vision Camera Effect (1) - Theandroidportal

You can manually increase or decrease luminosity while capturing images on your device. If your device has flash in it, you can tap on flash to make flash turning on until you capture the screenshot. Once everything was done, tap on capture button to save an image on your device.

Night Vision Camera Effect (2) - Theandroidportal

It is recommended to keep the camera as steady as possible for the good image quality. If the camera will not remain steady, you will not have proper quality. It can take the picture in the dark but still, it needs at least a small amount of light.

It will help you to capture good pictures. While capturing the images with this app, you can also use the Flashlight. You can also share the images on various social media platforms.

Night Vision Camera Effect Features:

  • Capture Good Pictures using the device’s camera
  • Luminance Boosting Algorithm to make image brighten
  • Configures camera features like shutter speed, scene mode, and more
  • Manually increase or decrease luminosity
  • Allows use of Torch or Flashlight while capturing the images
  • Share via various Social Platforms
Night Vision Camera Effect
Night Vision Camera Effect
Developer: Mister Borken
Price: Free

Night Vision Camera Simulated

The Night Vision Camera Simulated is another app that lets you create the night vision while capturing the image. Along with the night vision camera, this app also offers Thermal Vision Camera. The difference between this two vision is about color.

The Night Vision Camera clicks the picture with greenish shade while the Thermal Vision Camera captures images reddish. In both the camera, you can manually set the luminance while taking images. Alongside, it lets you adjust the Zoom-in and Zoom-out manually.

Night Vision Camera Simulated - Theandroidportal

The images you have snapped will save in the data of the app. To access to those images, go to the View Files option after opening the app. From that location, you can also share the images using lots of Social Media Sites.

Night Vision Camera Simulated Features

  • Snaps the images with Night Vision Camera and Thermal Vision Camera
  • Manually set the luminance
  • Manually adjust the Zoom-in and Zoom-out
  • Easy access to the captured images within the app
  • Share via Social Media Sites
Night Vision Camera Simulated
Night Vision Camera Simulated
Developer: trend jet
Price: Free

Night Vision Simulator

The Night Vision Simulator app will let you use the Night Vision effect while recording videos and capturing images. This app will provide all the features that a camera provides. You can also say that this is a two-in-one app which allows you to use Night Vision and Thermal Vision.

Night Vision Simulator 3 - Theandroidportal

With an adjustable slider, you can use any vision. However, the Thermal Vision have reddish shade, but this app provides pinkish shade when you move the slider to the top. You can also use the flashlight while capturing images and videos. Above-listed two apps allow you to capture images only by Rear Facing Camera. But, with this app, you can have Night Vision, no matter from which camera you are capturing.

Night Vision Simulator - Theandroidportal

Also, you can set the zoom manually. From the app settings, you can also set the Video Quality, General Settings, and more customization.

Night Vision Simulator Features

  • Use the Night Vision effect while recording videos and capturing images
  • Two-in-one app with Night Vision and Thermal Vision
  • Set the effect with an Adjustable slider
  • Use the flashlight while capturing images and videos
  • Night Vision Effect can be applied to the images taken by Rear and Front Camera
  • Set the zoom manually
  • Customizable Settings like Video Quality, General Settings, and more
Night Vision Simulator
Night Vision Simulator
Developer: ILab
Price: Free+

If the captured images occupy too much space on your device, you can try a free image optimizer Android app. It will reduce your captured images size up to 90% retaining its original quality. Does this night vision camera for Android worked well for you? Do share your comments which night vision camera app do you use?

Here in this article, we wrote about the best night vision apps for your Android. If you own any similar best night vision camera app for Android, either free or paid Android apps and wants to get featAndroid theandroidportal like this, feel free to contact us for review.