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Click Best Quality Night Vision Snaps on Android

Last Updated On: March 29, 2017

Night Vision Camera optimizes your camera’s ability to capture best quality images even in the dark. This is not just a trick with a simple green filter.Night Vision Camera simulates the Effect of Night Vision Goggles on your phone.Nowadays most of the Android phones comes with the best-LED flashlight option to get better pictures, low end however, that does not come with all range Android devices.low-enddevices have not as much image quality as we see in high end devices.However, most of the mid range handsets doesn’t have LED flash and to obtain good results we are using Night Vision Camera application.

Night Vision Camera Pro Download

App Name
Mister Borken

Night Vision Camera tries to use your phone’s camera capabilities to get better pictures and uses a luminescence boosting algorithm to enhance the image brightness. We also try to configure your phone’s camera for maximum visibility in the dark by configuring your phone’s shutter speed, scene mode, etc.

You can manually increase or decrease luminosity while capturing images on your device.If your device has flash in it, you can tap on flash to make flash turning on until you capture screenshot.Once everything done, tap on capture button to save image on your device. The image wont lookalike real but greenish color image will be there.

it is recommended that you keep camera as steady as possible because if it little bit shaken while capturing, your image will not have good quality.It can take picture in dark but if there is atleast a small amount of light, than you will have good pictures.

Night Vision Camera Pro Features:

  • Live Camera View
  • Torch / Flashlight Feature for supported phones
  • Adjustable Brightness / Light Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Zoom (if device supports zoom)
  • Save High Resolution Images
  • Beautiful UI
  • Share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

If your captured occupy too much space on your device, you can try free image optimizer android app, that will be reduce your captured image’s size upto 90% retaining it’s original quality. Does this night vision camera for android worked well for you? Do share your comments which night vision camera app do you use?

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