You can find here detailed information about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 review below, including its release date, price, specifications, leaks, features, and more. Rumors about the Galaxy Watch 5 by Samsung have been spreading very frequently. As per some big known names, the watch 5 is undergoing major upgrades in the design, specs, and features.

As per the recent leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be released very soon for the global market, and the price will be kept near to its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be a great watch that will offer tons of great features and specs.

With the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Samsung gave its selection of smartwatches one of its biggest updates yet. It officially abandoned Tizen and switched to using Google’s Wear OS as the operating system for its smartwatches.

After a significant upgrade, the new watch also had improved functionality and a more powerful internal system. The Galaxy Watch 5 might not bring about all that many significant updates. Samsung will tweak all departments, so expect some design and functionality improvements.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

So here in this article, we’re going to cover all the changes that we can expect in the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is coming soon! The latest leaks have shown off renders of both models – Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. All models are said to come with AMOLED displays with different resolutions; 1.19-inch 396×396 for 40mm size, 1.36-inch 450×450 for 44mm size, and 1.3-inch 400×400 for 46mm size. All three watches will have sapphire glass protection on top of their screens. All models will be water resistant up to 50 meters underwater (1ATM). Stay tuned for more information about pricing and availability!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in black, silver, pink gold, and sapphire colours if you purchase the 40mm version or black, silver, and sapphire if you purchase the 44mm version. This smartwatch also has an extendable screen which increases by 40% when a pinch gesture is used. Based on the recent Samsung patent, there may also be a camera on this device in the future.

This watch also has wireless charging capabilities, so it doesn’t need a charging cable plugged into it at all times, as other smartwatches do.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may have increased battery life on offer, thanks to one leak suggesting it could get a boost. One report suggests that the 40mm Galaxy Watch 5’s battery is seemingly 276mAh (up from 247mAh in the Galaxy Watch 4), while the 44mm model is seemingly at 397mAh, up from 361mAh in its predecessor.

More lately, there have been claims that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could have a battery that is 572mAh in size. That will undoubtedly have a significant effect on battery life. According to some rumours, the Pro version of the watch may go up to three days without a charge.

More recently, even more encouraging battery claims have been made, with the 40mm Watch 5 allegedly having a 284mAh battery, the 44mm Watch 5 allegedly having a 410mAh battery, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro allegedly having a 590mAh battery. The last of those was said to be capable of lasting up to 80 hours. There are also rumours about charging speed being increased from 5W on previous models to 10W, which would help conserve battery life when charging overnight.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 specs are currently unknown, but one source claims it will have an Exynos W920 chipset like its predecessor.

This chip would be paired with up to 16GB of storage capacity, GPS, and NFC capabilities, and cellular models would have eSIMs available.
There’s also speculation about a body temperature sensor being included on the watch, though there isn’t much information on it yet.

1. Much better battery life

In our tests, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 lasted over two days on one charge, making it ideal for daily wear. But we found it took nearly two hours to fully recharge after just 12 hours on standby mode – which isn’t great if you’re planning on wearing it every day. So what about battery life?

Samsung hasn’t said anything about how much time you’ll get between charges when using it all day, so it should have enough battery to see you through the day. That’s not good enough when competitors like Fitbit offer weeks of battery life on one charge. So we see big improvements here for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 range.

2. Full compatibility with more phones

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 is a huge improvement over its predecessor, with several new features and improvements. But the biggest change is that it now supports iPhones.
Despite earlier versions working with iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 range does not. Even if you have an Android phone, if it is not a Samsung phone, you won’t be able to use some capabilities, like ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

That is disappointing, and even though we anticipate that most iPhone users will stick with the Apple Watch, it is unacceptable to exclude Android users from using certain features, especially on a wearable that uses Wear OS (an operating system created by Google).

Therefore, at the very least, we want complete compatibility with all current Android smartphones for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Ideally, we want support for iPhones to come back as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great wearable, but it has some major flaws that we hope the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will fix.

3. Better workout controls

We discovered that using the workout controls, especially pausing sessions, was a bit difficult, especially when using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. While that’s not a major concern, it does mean that your time displayed at the end of your workout may increase because stopping can waste up to a second.

To make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 a more appealing fitness device, we thus want certain controls to be redesigned.

4. A sleeker style

The thickness of the Watch 4 is another issue that affects it more than the normal Watch 4.
While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s bulkiness may, in part, be an aesthetic choice.

We’d want to see it reduced in its replacement because it makes it difficult to wear under tight clothing and may even be uncomfortable while lying in bed.

5. A wider strap selection

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 range currently offers limited strap options out of the box. You can only get sporty or hybrid straps when ordering directly from Samsung, so if you want full leather or metal straps, you’ll need to purchase them separately.

So it would be great if there were some classier strap options available for purchase alongside those sporty options too on release day, so users have some more style choices on offer when buying new watches.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a great smartwatch for those who are looking for a comprehensive and feature-rich wearable. It offers various features, including fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking.

It also has a stylish and modern design, making it a great fashion accessory. The only downside of the Galaxy Watch 5 is its price tag, which is higher for smartwatches. Overall, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a great option for those who are looking for a top-of-the-line smartwatch.

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