Is your Samsung Galaxy S8 screen shattered? Looking for a replacement screen but confused about how much the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement costs? If yes, you stop here on the right webpage. It’s a very disheartening situation when your phone screen shatters. The phone screen is the most expensive component and also the most prone to damage.

Of course, gorilla glass displays are not easily shattered, but if it falls at the wrong angle, your phone display breaks. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 buyer and your phone screen is cracked, you find detailed information on the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement cost. Today, we will tell you the actual Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement cost and some ways to fix this issue.

Before we proceed with the charges and process, first, I will tell you some haptic features of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched in the year 2017 with the powerful Snapdragon 825 processor. Also, the display offers HD-quality images and videos, and the camera is an excellent feature in it.

You can also enjoy the smoother and outstanding performance while playing hardcore games like PubG. Also, the 64GB memory is enough to store your essential data. So, these are the key features of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, let’s move towards the sections below to know the actual Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement cost.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Replacement Cost

Screen Replacement Cost

The screen replacement cost of the Samsung Galaxy S8 depends on the method you choose. Yes, there are some limited methods to fix the issue, and the price depends on which method you select.

The minimum prediction amount to repair the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement is around 15000 Indian Rupees or $200.

Samsung Authorized Service Center

Samsung Authorized Service Center

If you want to repair the S8 screen from the Samsung Authorized Service Center near you, then the charges for screen replacement are very high. But at Samsung’s authorized service centre, you get 100% original and quality products for your screen. This is the only method in which you get authentic products with a limited warranty on the replacement part.

Local Repair Shop In Your Area

If you don’t want to go to a Samsung authorized service centre because of high charges, the second alternative is to go to the local repair shop near you in your area to fix the screen replacement of the Samsung S8.

At the local shop in your area, the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement cost is relatively cheaper than the Samsung authorized service centre. They also use original parts to fix the screen replacement issue, but it’s a copy of your phone’s display.

Therefore, a local repair shop’s actual screen replacement cost is around 1000 Indian Rupees or $150.

It doesn’t come with any guarantee or warranty and mostly the chances of your Galaxy S8 screen not working will be higher after a few months.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself, Of course, it sounds weird, but it is the ideal and the cheap way to fix this issue. You just need to get a high-quality replacement LCD screen with a touch digitizer for your Samsung Galaxy S8 from reliable online stores.

After that, take the screen to the local repair shop and get it fitted for just 200-300 Indian Rupees. In that way, you get a quality display with a warranty at a low price.

If you have some technician qualities and are familiar with the tool kit, you can also replace the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen with the help of YouTube videos.


So, as you noticed, the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement cost varies according to the method. It’s on you which method you choose for the screen replacement. If your budget is low, try to do it yourself.

That’s all for now, and thanks for spending time reading this post about the Galaxy S8 cracked screen repair. For more details, do follow our blog and stay tuned for the latest posts.

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