Playing games is one of the most like hobbies of many people, and that can be done using the smartphones. It may be one of the reasons for many behind buying a smartphone. There are many great games are available at the Google Store for all the Android users. In which, some of them are free; some are paid, some of them need a data connection and some not.

Having so many options, it is always difficult to choose the best under the various categories. So, here is the list of 10 Best Offline Android Games which are compatible with your Android device.Best Offline Android GamesThe list contains 10 Best Offline Android Games, that means without a data connection you can access to the games. After downloading it for once, you can play it for a lifetime even without having internet data. So, if you are running short with the data and still want to play games, then? Then, this list will help you to choose the best offline games and play.

Best Offline Android Games

In this list of 10 Best Offline Android Games, all the games are available for free download. In which, some of them also contains an in-app purchase scheme for moreover features. All the games are highly compatible with all your Android-based smart devices.

So, let us take a look at the list of 10 Best Offline Android Games.

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Have you ever took the experience of 3D sci-fi FPS game? If not, then its time to take it with this game, N.O.V.A. Legacy. The main hero of this game is Kal Wardin which is helped by personal agent Yelena. Both this character will strike against the enemies.

This game can be played with the online multiplayer up to 8 players. You can also play it offline with the experienced shooters. You can also take deathmatch with the players. It will let you allow to customize the marine in which you have been staying. To customize it, it offers 3D models and other features.N.O.V.A. LegacyAlongside it, the game offers a robust armory to kill the enemies in any way. You can choose from available option depending on your need for fighting. For the high-level entertainment, the game has 19 competitive levels. Each level will provide you with a task that you have to complete to open the next level.

To maintain the privacy of your strategy, you can also set the lock for your private player. To have a perfect leave off of the bullets and high accuracy, you have to Upgrade your Suit Cores.

Features of N.O.V.A. Legacy

  • An Action-packed 3D sci-fi FPS game experience
  • The character will strike against the enemies
  • Multiplayer up to 8 players and Deathmatch
  • Customization of marine using 3D models and more
  • Robust armory to kill the enemies in any way
  • 19 competitive levels
  • Upgradation of Suit Cores provide the perfect force to the bullets and high accuracy
N.O.V.A. Legacy
N.O.V.A. Legacy
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free

Dr. Driving 2

What if you can drive the car without actually having it? So, this is what this game can do for you. With the beautiful graphics and UI, the Dr. Driving 2 lets you drive. It is mobile driving simulation game and is also a successor to the Dr. Driving game. This game offers you various levels to achieve it with the particular score.

When you start to play, on the screen, you will have steering, brake, and accelerator to drive the car. By using this essential parts, you have to drive without accident with another car.Dr. Driving 2If anyhow accident takes place, you will have to start from the beginning. You will get coins to score as high as possible while driving the car. It also displays the speed of the car for your easy judgment.

Features of Dr. Driving 2

  • Beautiful Graphics and UI to drive the car
  • Mobile Driving Simulation Game
  • Various Levels to play with
  • Steering, Brake, and Accelerator on the screen to drive in the streets
  • Get maximum coins to score as high as possible
  • Speed Measurement in Km/h
Dr. Driving 2
Dr. Driving 2
Developer: SUD Inc.
Price: Free

Flow Free

If you would like to play puzzle games, then this Flow Free game is definitely for you. This game offers an excellent UI to play the puzzle game. This game comes with over hundreds of levels that will force you to use your mind to create unbreakable flow. Also of that, you will get around 2000 puzzles to play with.

Flow FreeAs the title mentions, you have to create the free flow. Level-by-level, you will get colored dots. And, according to the same colors, you have to connect those dots with a flow. In every level, you will have four to five colors dots.

You have to make the flow in such way that not a single flow should crash through another flow. By making the flows, you will have to cover the board.

Features of Flow Free

  • Excellent UI for the Puzzle game
  • 100+ levels include around 2000 puzzles to play with
  • Create flow to connect same color dots
  • Develop the mind power by playing the puzzle game
Flow Free
Flow Free
Developer: Big Duck Games LLC
Price: Free

Road Drivers

If you love to play thriller racing games, then the Road Drivers is the game that brings the same. This game has such a spectacular graphics to play on. To choose your favorite car for the racing, you can have many car options. It includes car of manufacturers like BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nissan Skyline, and more.

You can also select the cars under the categories like sports cars, muscle cars, and many. All the cars will run at a higher speed to always have thrilling fun. You can also unlock new cars by earning the cash through the game.Best Offline Android Games for Android 1It offers a long long way to have an endless enjoyment of racing. Also of that, you can choose the day mode and night mode too. For the perfect driving, it has accurate steering and accelerometer. To down the speed of the car, there is also a break. You will also get different kinds of path or tracks for a next-level fun and entertainment.

To earn the cash and points, you have to come through the rich traffic with as high as possible speed. To earn extra cash, drive the car in the opposite direction without being affected by accident.

Features of Road Drivers

  • Thriller Racing Game with a spectacular graphics
  • Select car from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Nissan Skyline, and more company
  • Sports cars, Muscle cars, and other car categories
  • Unlock new high-speed cars by earning the cash for the endless enjoyment of racing
  • Day mode and Night mode
  • Accurate steering, accelerometer, and brake
  • Different tracks for a high-level entertainment
  • To win the cash, pass the traffic with high-speed driving
  • Opposite direction driving will let you earn more cash.
Road Drivers: Legacy
Road Drivers: Legacy
Developer: Vart Dader
Price: Free+


If you love to play puzzles rather than playing other Android games, then the Quizoid brings best puzzles for you. With this app, you will have rich contents of more than 7000 questions. According to your ability, you can choose the questions over the levels like easy, medium, and hard.

It also offers over 15 categories to play with including sports, science, funny, Geography, History, Language, Mathematics, and more. If somehow you do not know the answer, then you can also have three lifelines as 50-50, 2 shots, and change question. It comes with a fresh UI and design.QuizoidYou can play it with three modes, Classic mode, Questions mode, and Arcade mode. Classic mode lets you play with limitless questions. Questions mode contains 20 questions without having any time limit.

Arcade mode will have a time limit to answer every question. For this all, you do not need to connect to the data connection. On a regular basis, the updates are coming that brings more interesting questions for you. This app will surely improve your knowledge regarding the various field.

Features of Quizoid

  • Rich contents of 7000+ questions
  • Questions level like Easy, Medium, and Hard
  • More than 15 categories to play with including sports, science, funny, Geography, History, Language, Mathematics, and more
  • Three lifelines as 50-50, 2 shots, and change question
  • Fresh UI and Design
  • Three modes, Classic mode, Questions mode, and Arcade mode
  • Offline playable
  • Regular updates for interesting questions

Roll the Ball

This is another puzzle game for all puzzle lovers. In which, as the name suggests, you have to make way for the ball to reach the final destination.

This game contains many of the levels of the various categories. After clearing every particular level, the new level will automatically open. In every level, you will get blocks incoherently. This blocks you will have to set to make a smooth way to allows the ball slide. For that, you have to actively use your mind and willpower to make way with as low as possible moves.

Roll the BallFrom a little child to adult, everyone can play this game, but it contains ads. To make it more friendly, you will get three flexible options as Restart, Undo, and Hints. The restart option let you start the existing game from the beginning.

If mistakenly, you have taken a wrong move, come back with Undo option. Even after trying hard, if you failed to make way, then the Hints option will give a hint to you. By using which, you can have an idea to do so. To play this game, you do not need to have a strong internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Features of Roll the Ball

  • Many levels of the various categories
  • The new level will automatically open as you complete the existing one
  • Playable to everyone
  • Three options, Restart, Undo, and Hints to make every level friendly
  • Offline playable
Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle
Roll the Ball® - slide puzzle

Hill Climb Racing

Want to play a driving-related game on your Android mobile? The Hill Climb Racing would be the best option for it. This game app comes with an excellent design and UI, that might make you addictive.

For racing up, it offers many of the vehicles, that you have to unlock by earning the coins. In terms of vehicles, you will have more than 25 options including a bike, truck, jeep, tank, bicycle, and more. To make your vehicle stronger, you can also update the parts of it like the engine, suspension, tires, and more.Hill Climb RacingYou will also have interesting levels to clear up. The level includes Countryside, Desert, Arctic, the Moon, and more levels with quite obstacles. Each level contains coins to earn it. As you start to clear the level, you will get many of the coins. Except for it, you will also get a booster to boost the speed of the vehicle.

It also displays how far you reach. To enjoy the game without being bored, it offers a cool design and physics. To share your achievements in this game, you can have many sharing options. This game can be played offline.

Features of Hill Climb Racing

  • Excellent Design and UI
  • Over 25 options for Vehicles including a bike, truck, jeep, tank, bicycle, and more
  • Update the custom parts of the vehicle like the engine, suspension, tires, and more
  • More than 25 levels like Countryside, Desert, Arctic, the Moon, and more
  • Opportunity to win the coin as you pass the certain km
  • Earning will let you unlock the vehicle, levels, and parts
  • Cool Design and Physics
  • Share your achievements with the friend
Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing
Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free

3D Pool Ball

As a title mentions, this game is really a virtual 3D Pool Ball. It can be a great fun for the everyone who loves to play pool. In this game, the pool ball area will be displayed in 3D view to feel like you are playing originally.

The visuals and animation you get with this app are majestic. You can play it offline with the computer itself having 8 balls and 9 balls. To play with other players, you will have to go online. Along with 3D view, you can also have a 2D view.
3D Pool BallYou can bet big and win a big amount. To play it online, you must log in to it. If you do not want to do it, then you can also play as a guest. This game will give you an enhanced experience like a real player.

Features of 3D Pool Ball

  • Great fun for the pool lovers
  • 3D view for real feeling of the pool
  • Majestic visuals and animation lets you fall in love with it
  • Playable offline and online as well
  • Offline playing on the computer having 8 balls and 9 balls
3D Pool Ball
3D Pool Ball
Developer: CanaryDroid
Price: Free


If you want to have a logic puzzle with you always in your pocket, then what should be the right choice? For that, you might go with a Sudoku game app. With this app, you will have limitless puzzles at your fingertips.

To play with the levels, it offers four levels, easy, medium, hard, and very hard. You can have puzzles according to the level of difficulty you have chosen. If you have entered the wrong input, delete it with a delete option. It is fully available to play offline or without having an internet data.Sudoku

It also offers other functions to play a game with more ease. As you enter the value, it also highlights the fields if that entered value is the same one. The number which has been entered 9 times, that will automatically be dimmed.

Features of Sudoku

  • Logic puzzle every time with you everywhere
  • Limitless puzzles at your fingertips
  • Four levels, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard
  • Available to play offline
Developer: Fassor
Price: Free

Temple Run 2

The Temple Run 1 is one of the favorite games for many of the children out there. And, as a successor to that game, here we are having Temple Run 2. However, this game will contain ads. With the Temple Run 2, you will have more entertainment as it offers more jumping, running, sliding and more.

To run as long as possible to survive from the monkey, you can have more options. To have more fun, it has new places including cliffs, mines, forests, and more. This game has an all-new graphics design and UI.Temple Run 2

To check out your concentration, it will have new obstacles while you are running ahead of monkey. At that time, it is great to see how you can survive from that. To run with more aggression and potential each character will have more power. You can choose any free character to have great fun. As far as you reach by surviving yourself, you will have more and valuable achievements.

Features of Temple Run 2 

  • More jumping, running, sliding, and more activities
  • Run to survive from a monkey on lines like cliffs, mines, forests, and more
  • All-new Graphics Design and UI
  • New obstacles to let you select a way to survive
  • Powerful Characters
  • Valuable Achievements
Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
Developer: Imangi Studios
Price: Free

So, how is the list of 10 Best Offline Android Games? We hope you had a great visit over the list. For a remembrance, above-listed games are readily available at the Play Store. You can download and install any of them anytime.

If the list has helped you to choose the Best Offline Games, then why should not you share it? Kindly, share it with other Android users who love to play games. Also, do let us know your views on this guide, we will appreciate it.

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