We all know Android is OS powered by Google. One of the best is Android OS, which comes with OS in most of the devices. The Youtube is also one of the great features of the Google. We all know that the Youtube is the most trusted video sharing site. Any users can upload the video on Youtube. But, for that, you must be registered. While, anyone can save the video on youtube by using an offline feature of it. But, some users have a query regarding the delete a video on Youtube after you upload it.

So, that kind of users, do not worry more. Because here we are coming with the solution regarding the same query. But, before that, we want to inform you that you can also hide the videos on Youtube. To perform such kind of operation, you have to use an option of Video Manager on a computer. This option will allow you to modify, delete and hide videos on your channel at anytime and anywhere. However, if you are using android, it would be even easier to delete youtube video.

How to Delete A Video on Youtube ?!

So, want to delete your video on Youtube? We just found this question asked from Quora about how to delete it. We thought we should share a procedure to delete youtube video from a channel on Android too. We checked and tested that, and it worked. So here, we will discuss an easy process by which you can quickly delete a video on Youtube using Android. To do so, just follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Delete A Video on Youtube

  • First of all, sign-in to Youtube.
  • Click on the profile picture of your account & select your channel from there.
  • Now go to My Videos option
  • Choose the option of video you want to delete
  • You will see delete option from the opened menu.
  • Just tap on delete, it will ask your confirmation to delete that video.

This way, you can quickly remove your video from your YouTube channel using Android smartphones or tablet. Do share your opinion on how do you delete your YouTube video from your Youtube channel? Do you use smartphone or PC to remove or unpublish your Youtube video?

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