To ensure orders can be fulfilled quickly and items arrive in the right place, periodically check and ensure the information entered in your Kohl’s shopping account is accurate and up-to-date.

Every shopping website, like Shopify, allows users to modify their payment methods. You can follow the steps below to access your shopping account and update your information.

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How Do I Change My Payment Method On Kohl’s App?

How Do I Change My Payment Method On Kohl's app?

Change Payment Method On Desktop/Tablet:

If you want to change your payment method on Kohl’s app on a desktop or tablet, then we mention the perfect step-by-step guide below.

1. Open your Kohl’s Shopping Account and “login.”

2. Click “Settings” next to your name at the top of the porter, then choose “My Info” from the drop-down menu.

3. To update your information, go through the following procedures in the “My Info” tab.

Change Billing And Payment Details:

Your billing and payment details are important at one point. So it should be safe. If you think your payment details are insecure, you need to change them soon. Here is a procedure on how to do it.

1. Select “Billing and payment details” from the list on the left.

2. Go to “Edit.”

3. Once you have correctly entered all the data, click “Save.”

Enter the details just as they are on your credit card statement. Order processing may be slowed down by incomplete or inaccurate information.

That’s it; now you successfully change billing and payment details.

Updates Credit Cards:

Need to update credit card but confused? Then there is a simple process that helps you to update your credit card. Check below.

1. On the left, click “Billing & Payment Info.”

2. To modify or eliminate an existing credit card, click “Edit.”

3. To add a new one, click the [+].

Please enter the same information as it appears on your credit card, including your name, expiration date, and credit card number. Please ensure the billing address below matches your provided card information when adding or correcting credit card information.

Pro tip:  To facilitate faster checkout, you can save credit cards in your account as often as possible. However, you cannot change the billing information during checkout if you have saved a credit card.

Before you begin the checkout process, double-check that the credit card and billing address match.

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Update Email Address:

If you are a current customer experiencing an issue with your account or need to update your email address, here is a simple process you can follow.

1. Click “About Me” on the left-hand side to modify your email/login for your shopping account.

2. You will receive a confirmation email from them at your unique address.

3. This should arrive in your inbox almost immediately. After receiving this confirmation email, you can receive all emails from (order confirmations, shipping confirmations, email sale alerts, etc.) at your new address.

People Also Ask Questions.

How do I add a card to my Kohl’s app?

How do I set Kohl’s Pay? First of all, make sure you have a Kohl’s Card linked to your shopping account. Once confirmed, launch Kohl’s Pay from the app menu in the screen’s upper left corner.

When you open Kohl’s Pay, you will be asked to select the Kohl’s card you wish to use.

How do I set up automatic payments on Kohl’s?

Log in to your online Kohl’s credit card account. If they don’t have one, you can register for online access. Click on the “Payments” tab. Click “Manage Autopay” and link your bank account to pay the minimum charge due or the total statement balance.

Can I use my Kohl’s without the card?

We know you have a lot to carry around, so if you need a Kohl’s card, all you need is your phone! With Kohl’s Pay, you can shop in-store using your Kohl’s Card by simply taking a photo. You will also have your coupons added when you check out.

What is the lowest credit limit for Kohl’s?

The initial credit limit for Kohl’s Credit Card is $300. Then everyone approved is guaranteed $300 or more in purchasing power. But you could find more because your credit limit will be selected based on your credit score, income, and overall creditworthiness.


Update your shopping account with the latest information from your Kohl’s Card. Your security code will not be saved to your purchase account, but your security code will not work during checkout if you have an old card on file.

I hope this detail helps you to change the payment method, and also if you have any questions, you can ask us freely.



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