We all know HDFC Bank is the best international bank. They have recently updated an official Android app on Google Play Store on 28th February 2014. Here is the quick review about that HDFC Bank MobileBanking Android app. It’s feature are also awesome, you can use mobile banking directly from your smartphone. You just need your HDFC bank customer ID and HDFC netbanking password to login. Once logged in, you would be able to check your bank balance online, transfer money to other bank accounts and much more.

HDFC netbanking login from android app

HDFC Mobile Banking App for Android Review, Problems & FeaturesThis app is available for free on Google Play Store. When you launch HDFC netbanking Android app, you would see my account, locate ATM, branches, feedback and HDFC contact details. If you want to login, you have to tap on my account button. You would see a box where you have to enter your HDFC Banking customer ID to login.

Once added, tap on next button, you would redirect to HDFC banking password page. Enter your netbanking password there and checkmark on secure access message. It’s very high security, if you don’t click on that checkbox, you would not be able to logged in.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking Review - Official HDFC Android App

Here is the logged in user interface there.There is navigation menu at the bottom, that would let you navigate to your entire HDFC account. On My menu, you would be able to check your netbanking account summery, account statement and much more.

From Account tab, you would be able to check live available balance in your HDFC account as well as view check status, stop cheque payment, request new HDFC cheque book, account statement and emails statement registrations.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking - Android Apps on Google Play

You can also open fixed deposit or recurring deposit account directly from your Android smartphone. Transfer fund to HDFC or non-HDFC bank quickly from HDFC Bank Phone Banking app.

You can pay through NEFT, IMPS or credit card payment online using this handy app. If you want to make payment to the non-registered payee, you can also add beneficiaries to your HDFC bank using this app. Add beneficiaries to transfer fund to their bank directly.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking App for Android

You can make add a credit card to make your credit card bill payment directly from your mobile. Also, check debit card status or hotlist your debit card online from there. On setting option, you can change a password of your HDFC netbanking, view contact details, manage alerts and much more.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking - Find HDFC branches and ATMs Nearby
HDFC Bank MobileBanking

In short, you can use your HDFC banking Android app, as pocket banking. No matter wherever you are, but you can easily manage your bank account directly from your smartphone. An interesting feature of this app is, you can check nearby ATMs and branches of HDFC on Google Map. If you want any help, you would also get helpline phone numbers for any help.

How to Add beneficiary in HDFC app

If you are using HDFC Android app and want to add a beneficiary to transfer payment, you can easily do it. Previously it was not possible to add beneficiary via mobile app, but now you can easily add beneficiary using HDFC android app. Check steps below to add beneficiary:

  • Login to HDFC account using your customerID/User ID
  • Go to Fund TransferThird Party Transfer
  • Select Add Beneficiary

From there you have to choose to add beneficiary within bank or add beneficiary NEFT/IMPS. If your recipient is of HDFC bank, select add beneficiary within bank. If your beneficiary is of another bank, you can use NEFT or IMPS option. Once you select that option, you will have to enter a beneficiary account number, IFSC Code, Name etc.

Once you add all those details, you will receive OTP to your registered mobile. You will need to enter your OTP for verification and once done, you will be able to transfer money using HDFC mobile app to added beneficiary. You can also add payee in HDFC using your Netbanking account, check this to learn more on how you can easily add beneficiary in HDFC netbanking using desktop computer.

HDFC Bank MobileBanking Features

  • Check live balance, transfer funds online or make credit card payment online from your HDFC Bank Account.
  • Check ATMs and HDFC branches nearby on Google Map.
  • Request statements, cheque book, stop payment.
  • Official HDFC Bank Mobile App is free and easy to use.
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HDFC Bank MobileBanking App
HDFC Bank MobileBanking App
Developer: HDFC Bank
Price: Free

If you have any questions or need help in following any steps in HDFC mobile app, feel free to share your views in the comments below.

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