How to Fix LG G4 Won’t Turn On

If you are the owner of LG G4 smartphone and your LG G4 smartphone boot up or turn on so don’t worry about it. You are not alone; many users are facing the same issue with their LG G4 smartphone. Here in this article, we have mentioned about how you can fix LG G4 won’t turn on or boot up.

This is the very common issue on LG G4 smartphone. Many users are also facing the boot loop issue with their G4 smartphone. But today, we are talking about the how you can easily fix the LG G4 smartphone that doesn’t boot up.

The LG G4 smartphone won’t turn on because may be Devices’ operating system (Software) is running an update in the background and May your smartphone got turned off due to low battery. Also, when the LG G4 smartphone run out of charge then it refuses to turn on normally, and you think that it is the very big issue on your LG G4 device. As we mentioned above, this issue is very common.

lg g4 won't turn onYou can easily fix this issue, if there is no water damage or drop impact on your LG G4 smartphone. It also happens, if you may have tried to root your device to install custom ROM. Because the Wrong root processes may damage your devices. During the root process if you flash the wrong file then it may corrupt your device’s ROM. And you may need to face this kind of issues.

Fixing LG G4 Won’t Turn On Issue

Now follow below-mentioned steps, if your LG G4 smartphone won’t boot up:

Drained or Bad Battery

If your LG G4 smartphone won’t boot up then firstly check that the smartphone battery has run out of the charge or not. If the device’s battery has run out of charge in this situation, you have to charge your smartphone via original charger of LG G4.

Now connect your charger to your smartphone and see if anything happens or not. If your all things are working, then your smartphone will start charging. If nothing happens, then check your charger cable or adaptor and also see if there is any damage.

You also have to check the Micro USB port of your device to see if there is any damage or not. The Dirt and Dust can damage your device charging port. So use the cotton and alcohol to remove the Dirt and Dust from the USB Port. After cleaning the charging port, wait few minutes to get dry.

Now insert the battery and connect the power cable to charge your smartphone. See if anything happens. If it does not work, that means there might be the problem with the charging port. If your smartphone won’t able to charge the battery, then you can use the external battery charger to charge the battery.

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Perform Forced Restart

If you are still facing the same issue on your LG G4 smartphone, then perform force restart on your smartphone. To perform force restart, press and hold the Power button for up to 30 seconds. If you see the LG Boot animation on screen, you can release the power button.

After that, if your device booted up then open the “Settings” on your LG G4 smartphone. Now scroll down and tap on “About phone” option. Now you have to check that your device running on the latest version of Operating System (Software). To check the update is available, click on Software update option. And make sure you have turned on WiFi and you are connected to any Wi-Fi network.

If there is any Software update available, then download as soon as. While updating the software (operating system) make sure that your smartphone has sufficient battery power.

Reset your LG G4 smartphone

If you still experience the issue on your LG G4 smartphone, then you can also reset your LG G4 smartphone using Hardware keys. Resting any Android smartphone via Hardware keys is very simple and easy to do. Anyone can reset their smartphone in any critical condition if the smartphone requires it. Performing a factory reset can be delete all your saved data on your smartphone.

So now follow below-mentioned steps to factory reset your LG G4 smartphone easily using the hardware keys.

  • First of all, Remove the battery and insert again
  •  Now Press and Hold the “Power” button and “Volume Down” button at the same time until the LG Boot animation appears on display
  •  Now release the only Power button for a second and press it again, until you see factory reset screen
  •  Once the factory data reset page appears on display, release the Power button and Volume Down button
  •  Now Select “Yes” option by scrolling down using the Volume down key
  •  Press the “Power” button to confirm the action (This resetting process may take a few minutes )
  •  Once the reset process completed, your LG G4 smartphone will automatically reboot

If above steps do not work on your LG G4 smartphone, then you have to visit nearest LG service center for further assistance.

Here in this article, we have mentioned 3 best ways that help you to solve lg g4 won’t turn on problem. Do share your feedback and comment about this article in the comments below.

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Last Updated On: December 23, 2017

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