To use this adapter, plug it into the wall and then plug your device’s cigarette lighter cable into the female connectors of the adapter. A car cigarette lighter adapter to a wall plug is convenient for charging our cell phones and other devices when we are on the road. The car battery will recharge itself when the car is running, but this may not be enough to keep it charged.

If you want to use your car cigarette lighter adapter at home, then you need a car cigarette lighter to wall outlet converter. The first step is to determine how much power your device needs. You do this by looking at the label on the power adapter or inside the device’s battery compartment.

Your wall plug also has a 110-volt AC, which can quickly damage your 12-volt DC device. It would help if you never plugged your car charger into a wall socket unless you have an AC/DC converter between them. There are many types of these converters available on Amazon.

Best Cigarette Lighter Adapter To Wall Plug



The NALAKUVARA AC to DC converter lets you do just that. With this converter, you can power your 12V DC vehicle electronics using a standard 110V-240V AC outlet in your home, office, or hotel.

You can even use a cigarette lighter and turn it into a regular wall plug! Take this handy converter along with you on business trips, vacations, or wherever you need it—just don’t leave it out in the sun.

This converter is easy to use and safe. All you have to do is plug it into any 110V-240V AC outlet, and it will be ready for anything that has a 12v DC standard car cigarette lighter plug below 5 Amp 60 Watt.

With a wide range of 12V appliances, you can use this adapter, including vacuums, fans, heaters, power inverters, and more! Plus, it’s suitable for use with most brands and models of vehicles.

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RoyPow AC to DC Converter

RoyPow AC to DC Converter

With the RoyPow AC to DC converter, you can use your car’s electronics at home! The 12V-120W power converter is designed for universal use. It converts 100V~120V AC household current to 12V DC power and allows you to power a variety of car electronics, including tyre inflators, coolers, TVs, and amplifiers.

The heavy-duty 120W rated power and 150W max power can handle almost any electronic device. This convenient little gadget is compact and portable, so you can take it on the road with you or use it on the job site.

It also has a built-in cooling fan that avoids overheating, so you’re protected against any potential damage hazards. It’s also approved by the CE & FCC & RoHS for full safety assurance.

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Quantity 110V-220V to 12V 8A Cigarette Lighter Outlet Socket

Quentacy 110V-220V to 12V 8A Cigarette Lighter Outlet Socket

The Quentacy 110V-220V to 12V 8A cigarette lighter outlet socket is perfect for anyone who needs to convert their household AC 110v-220v to DC 12V. This will allow you to bring your car-powered devices home and use them there!

This amazing product works with any car-powered appliances under 96W, so you can use almost anything you have in your vehicle. It comes with an 88.5-inch extension cigarette lighter charger cord that allows you to use it in various areas.

Don’t worry about it not working properly or overheating. The Quentacy 110V-220V to 12V 8A cigarette lighter outlet socket is made with the highest quality materials and includes safeguards against incorrect voltage, short circuits, and internal overheating.

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Facmogu Cigarette Lighter Socket

Facmogu Cigarette Lighter Socket

The Facmogu cigarette lighter socket adapter is the perfect solution for your car accessories that need a cigarette lighter outlet. This unit converts 100V-240V AC household current into a 12V 2A DC power supply, and it’s equipped with an LED charging indicator.

It features multiple safety protections like anti-EMI interference, surge protection, short-circuit protection, over-load protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection.

The cable length is 90cm (3ft). The adapter is NOT available for high-power devices. This car cigarette lighter is suitable for some low-power car equipment, such as car MP3 players, oxygen bars, humidifiers, etc. It should not be used with high-power devices like high-power car air compressors or waxing machines.

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Suacopzar 12V 2A DC Converter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

Suacopzar 12V 2A DC Converter Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

Need to charge your 12V DC devices at home or on the go? With this handy car cigarette lighter adapter, you’ll be able to convert AC household current into a DC power supply. With its LED charging indicator, you can see exactly when your device is fully charged.

The adapter also features multiple safety protections, so you can rest assured that your device will be safe from things like anti-EMI interference, electrical surges, short-circuiting, overloads, overcurrents, and overheating.

So use this adapter, plug it into the wall, and plug your Davis cigarette lighter cable into the adapter’s connector. You can charge your device just as easily as if it were plugged into your car!

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Overall, the cigarette lighter adapter to the wall plug is a useful product for traveling. It is efficient and easy to use. In the end, the best choice will often be a matter of personal preference.

But it doesn’t hurt to gain some knowledge before making a purchase. After all, you want your purchase to last. We hope we’ve provided you with everything you need to make an informed buying decision.

Best Overall

Small, compact, and simple, the NALAKUVARA AC to DC converter car cigarette lighter socket adapter is the best choice if you want a basic adapter that gets the job done.

This adapter plugs into your cigarette lighter and has a single USB port. You don’t get any additional ports — there aren’t even any indicator lights, but this is all you need for a simple cigarette lighter adapter.

Best Quality

The RoyPow AC to DC converter is well-engineered and feels solid and durable in terms of construction. It features a set of LED lights on the front to see when it’s plugged in and charging properly. To ensure that you’re getting a good car charger, do your research on any model before buying.

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