Nowadays, phones can support surfing the internet. The phone is small and convenient to hold and search for something on the internet when you are in a place where you cannot access your PC.

The problem is that the phone has a small screen. If you visit a site with ads, it will be difficult to browse the content since the ads will take up quite a lot of space.

Ways to Block Ads on Android

Some people feel unsatisfied browsing web pages with ads on the small screen of their phones. If you are one of them, you should block these ads before playing the video on your phone.

10 Ways to Block Ads on Android

The following are 10 ways how you can block ads on your Android.

Disable Ads in Your Browser

If you are using Chrome, all interstitial ads will automatically be blocked. Ads that automatically play with sound or too much flash will also be blocked. However, the ad that displays in the popup window is still not blocked. Fortunately, you can easily disable the popup ads by going to Site Settings.

Under Site Settings, you can see two sections. The first is Popups and Redirects, which are used for blocking popup ads and ads that automatically redirect you to another URL.

Another section is Ads which you can enable to stop seeing ads that are distractive to you when you are surfing the website. If you are using the Samsung browser, you can also turn on the popup blocker by going to Settings > Advanced and toggling the popup blocker.

Surf the Web in Data Saver Mode

Another way to turn off ads is to surf in data saver mode. You will have to go to settings and enable Lite Mode. The site will first be compressed before it is displayed to you in the Chrome browser.

It will help to reduce data consumption and save internet bandwidth. When it compresses the site, it will remove some of the ads and images, which take up some internet data to load.

Install an Adblocking App

You can install an adblocking app like AdGuard to block ads on your Android. It is handy for removing ads when watching YouTube videos on your phone screen. The ad blocker for YouTube will block all types of ads on the video, including interstitial, floating banner, and square banner ads.

Additionally, it will also block ads on any free game you are playing on your mobile phone. You can control which sites get filtered with ads by using the whitelist and blacklist features.

Surf the Web with an Ad-Free Browser

You can download ad-free browsers to surf the web in the Google Play store without any ads. Some of the best ad-free Android browsers.

Using this type of browser to surf the web can also help you save data bandwidth and battery.

Surf the Web in Private Browsing Mode

The private mode will stop all scripts that can track the users. These scripts include ads, analytic software, and cookies.

If you are using Chrome, you can tap on the three dots button and click on the New Incognito tab to open a tab in private mode. There is no limit on the number of incognito tabs you can open. If you are using a Samsung Internet browser, you can tap on the Tabs button and tap on the Turn on Secret button to activate the private mode.

Unsubscribe Website Notifications

Some websites will ask you to agree to show some notifications. If you had agreed to this type of notification, you would keep seeing popups on your phone that tell you about the latest updates on the blog.

To unsubscribe to the notifications, tap on the three vertical dots button on the Chrome browser and go to I> Site Settings. Look for the Notifications section and tap on the permissions to turn it off.

Upgrade to a Premium Version of the App

If you are using an app and you see ads, it means that these ads are put by the developer. Ads are put to help developers make money from the free app. If you want to stop seeing these ads, you will have to purchase an upgrade.

It is usually available as an in-app purchase if it is a game, so you don’t have to download it as another version from the Google Play Store.

Set Your Phone in Airplane Mode

You can also stop seeing ads by putting your phone on airplane mode. Most ads rely on the availability of an internet connection to display on the website.

So, if you turn off the internet, the space where the ads display will show a 404 error instead. It also prevents the site from being able to track you with cookies when you set your phone to airplane mode.

Disable Javascript

Some ads will still show even when in airplane mode. This type of ad usually relies on JavaScript to load.

You can turn off Javascript by tapping on the Internet app, going to Settings > Content Settings, and unchecking the Enable Javascript option. The same steps apply when you are using Google Chrome.

Use the Anti-Malware App to Detect Malicious Ads

Sometimes, you see ads because of an app that you install. You mustn’t download the app from sources other than the Google Play store.

If you suspect these ads are malware, just run an anti-malware scan with an antivirus app. If the antivirus app cannot eliminate the adware, you can do a factory reset to clear the phone system completely.

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