Have you recently bought a Samsung S9 smartphone, and now you’re looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases to add an extra layer of security to it? You’ve arrived here on the right webpage, and TheAndroidPortal is going to introduce you to some of the best options available in the market.

Samsung S9 is a stunning smartphone…

There is no doubt that the Samsung S9 is a stunning smartphone regardless of its high price tag. However, the all-glass front and back design makes this smartphone prone to scratches and cracks.

Therefore, buying a sleek, stylish, and sturdy case can be a smart decision to keep your Samsung S9 protected. Additionally, the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases we have included in this post will not ruin the beauty of your phone’s design.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Have No Idea What To Look For When Hunting For The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases?

Don’t worry; Not everyone is an expert Buyer….

To help you, we have added the Best Samsung S9 Cases Buyers Guide section at the bottom of this post. So, read that section to get some effective real-world tips and choose the one offering the best security for your Samsung S9 phone and excellent value for your money.

Enough Jargons… Let’s Now Start Exploring The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases Trending These Days In The Market…

Best Cases To Protect Your S9 Phone

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Kwmobile Crystal Clear S9 Case

Are you looking for a decent and budget-friendly case? This one’s for you. It’s made of TPU silicone, and therefore it makes the original look of your S9 shine while protecting it from falls and scratches.

Additionally, it’s sleek and flexible, so it won’t add any uncomfortable weight to your smartphone.

Kwmobile Crystal Clear S9 Case

What’s more? It’s smudge-resistant, tearproof, and dirt-repellent characteristics. Overall, it’s another case among the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases that are worth your money.

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CaseFlex Hard Plastic Shell Slim Fit S9 Case

If you want to retain the aesthetic of your S9 smartphone, this is the case you would like to pick. It’s made of heavy-duty polycarbonate material, and that offers ultimate protection against daily wear and tear.

Furthermore, it’s a fully S9-compatible case featuring accurate cut-outs to help you easily access all your smartphone features.

CaseFlex Hard Plastic Shell Slim Fit S9 Case

What’s more? It’s available in 5 unique colours, and one can choose from gold, blue, red, black, and rose gold options.

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FugouSell Power S9 Case

Are you a heavy user who is always on the phone throughout the day? If yes, you will probably carry a portable power bank with you.

The new LifeProof Power case exists to ease this situation by offering a 4.7K mAh Li-ion battery back into its protective case.

FugouSell Power S9 Case

So, this case serves two purposes, offering your device ultimate drop protection and charging it simultaneously so that you never run out of battery. However this case will surely add some bulk to your smartphone, but it’s slim enough to be portable.

What’s more? Overheating, overload, and short-circuit protection are also available. All in all, if you’re looking for one of the best S9 cases offering the best value, amazing features, and ultimate protection, you should buy the LifeProof Power Case.

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Spigen Wallet S Samsung S9 Case

If you prefer to buy a more functional smartphone case, the Spigen wallet case might grab your attention. It’s made of synthetic leather with premium stretching and features a couple of card and cash-keeping slots on the inside.

Spigen Wallet S Samsung S9 Case

Additionally, it works as both a phone case and a screen guard. It comes with a magnetic staple that keeps the front flap secured all the time.

Overall, it’s another one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases that won’t disappoint you.

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Trishield Gear Hybrid Rugged Armor Multi-purpose S9 Case

If you’re looking for a multipurpose case and don’t mind adding some extra weight to your smartphone, buying this case can be a smart decision. It offers dual-layer protection to the Samsung S9.

Trishield Gear Hybrid Rugged Armor Multi-purpose S9 Case

It’s made of a soft silicone sleeve and a hard polycarbonate outer cover. Additionally, it features a built-in kickstand and swivel belt clip, which are some of this case’s attractive features.

All in all, it’s another value-for-money case that can protect your phone efficiently against drops and falls.

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Caseology Vault

This case belongs to a famous and reputed brand known for offering the best smartphone protection and security. It has got slick textured back with a brushed metal design and carbon fibre detail.

Therefore, this case offers an excellent appearance and a secure grip. Also, it is designed to offer great button and fingerprint sensor accessibility.

Caseology Vault S9 Case

What’s more? It’s one of the best Samsung S9 cases, which is compatible with most screen protectors, chargers, and other S9-specific accessories.

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BELK Vintage Leather

We all appreciate the gorgeous glass back design of the Galaxy S9, but you can jazz it up by adding an artificial leather texture to the mix. BELK Vintage S9 case is made of two unique materials; TPU bezel and polycarbonate hard shell real.

BELK Vintage Leather S9 Case

Thus, the case offers reliable shock absorption and a great appearance. Also, it has random disorder lines that make this case unique.

What’s more? Enhance grip, large cut-outs for the button, and five different colour options are some of the Impressive facts.

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You must check out this case if you want to buy a case offering both ultimate protection and an enhanced look. It’s made of special shockproof material that can offer up to 11 feet of impact protection.

Aside from the great material, it features raised lips on its font that secures the display of the Galaxy S9 smartphone.

RhinoShield Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

What’s more? The case is available in two variants: one can choose from a carbon fibre finish or a classic matte black finish.

Additionally, it is equipped with a CrashGuard Bumper. All in all, it’s genuinely among the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases that we recommend you buy.

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Spigen Slim Armor Case

As you already know, the Samsung S9 is packed with glass, so it may not be the most durable smartphone, especially when it comes to accidental fall drops.

That’s where this robust and sturdy smartphone case comes into the picture to offer non-negotiable security and protection.

Spigen Slim Armor S9 Case

It features a dual-layer protection system and includes TPU material to offer shock-resistant characteristics. Also, it has a rigid polycarbonate shield at its back to prevent sudden drop damage. However, being an armour case, it’s quite bulky, but that’s not a disappointing fact at all.

This case has got everything for the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s undoubtedly the best of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases that won’t disappoint you in any aspect.

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Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung S9

Are you looking for the best Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case? But confused; which one is best for your device? If yes, then here we are going to help you. Read our article further, and you will surely get the best waterproof case for your Galaxy S9.

During summer vacation, if you plan to go on the beach, then waterproof cases are a must for your device. Buying waterproof cases means you can capture every moment of your enjoyment.

This is because waterproof cases make your phone safe to use while snorkelling in the water and pools. These cases are perfect for those who love to do some water adventure activities and want to capture every single moment of their enjoyment.

Another fact is that the waterproof cases not only save your device from water but also offer ultimate drop protection.

So, if you are planning to buy a waterproof case for your device, then look at the lists below; it will be more helpful in saving time and money.

Amorno Galaxy S9 waterproof case

The Amorno Galaxy S9 waterproof case is perfectly designed and tested underwater for up to 2m for 30 minutes. The case is excellent for all underwater activities like diving, swimming, surfing, etc.

AMORNO Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case

The case is made of high quality so that it can protect every part of your device. The case gives full protection to your device and prevents it from any unexpected drops.

Furthermore, it comes with a sensitive screen protector, which gives 100% protection to your device and access to touch the screen. The case comes up with a compatible wireless charging option.

It allows you to charge your phone directly without taking it out of the case. Overall, it’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 waterproof cases to buy right now.

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OTBBA Galaxy S9 waterproof case

OTBBA is one of the highly efficient and convenient products for all Galaxy users. The case is tested adequately under harsh environments.

With this case, you can enjoy all outdoor and water activities, as this case prevents your device from any damage. Also, it offers you 100% access to its touch ID, audio lighting ports, volume power buttons, and camera.

best galaxy s9 waterproof case

Moreover, the case gives you full protection from dust, water, snow, and any damage from the drop. It comes with built-in protectors that protect your screen from scratches.

It also supports wireless charging without taking out the phone from the case. All in all, it’s one of the best cases among the best Galaxy S9 waterproof cases available on Amazon.

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Share Galaxy S9 waterproof case

This one is one of the best, fully sealed waterproof cases specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S9. The case offers submersible protection under 6.6ft of water for continuously 3 hours.

ANTSHARE Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case

Its fully sealed packing protects your phone from any damage and is a perfect solution for all harsh environments. If you are a water sports lover, then the case is ideal for capturing your amazing moments under and on water.

Moreover, the case supports wireless charging means there is no need to take out your phone from the case, which is also available with other cases on the list. Its inbuilt screen protector protects your device from all unexpected dropdowns.

The case is entirely shockproof, snowproof, and dustproof. Further, the sound quality remains unaffected when the phone is in use.

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YouMaker Galaxy S9 waterproof case

It’s one of the best cases when it comes to functionality, style, and quality. None of the above cases can match its quality, as You Maker is committed to bringing the most comprehensive user experience with the most dedicated passion.

The case comes with fantastic kickstand support, which provides you with hands-free viewing angles both in portrait and landscape views.

s9 case built in screen protector

Plus, its reinforced corner design maximizes the absorption of shock and drops. Moreover, its three-layer design offers full-body rugged protection from dropping and damage.

The case has an inbuilt screen protector, which protects your phone screen from scratches. This means the case is perfect for all harsh environments and in all underwater conditions.

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One of the best picks in our list, super waterproof, the shockproof protective case only for Galaxy S9. The case is made up of rubber-type material, which protects your phone from unexpected drops.

The case also provides 100% protection from all underwater activities and makes your vacations more enjoyable.

XBK waterproof case for Galaxy S9

Also, it’s full seal and transparent design never worry about water seeping activities. It also offers a full-body case with 360-degree protection.

And its inbuilt screen protector protects your phone from any scratches and drops. It also supports wireless charging means you do not take out your phone from the cover while charging.

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Lifeproof FRE series waterproof case for Galaxy S9

The living-proof series waterproof case is designed and tested under 6.6ft of water for up to 1 hr. The case is compatible with wireless charging support.

Its built-in screen protector is virtually invisible to the eye and gives you full access to buttons and controls.

lifeproof galaxy s9 case

Moreover, the case prevents your phone from dust, water, snow, and other harmful conditions meaning the phone perfectly works in all environmental conditions.

The case comes with anti-shock technology, which protects your device from any unexpected drops and shocks.

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LifeProof Waterproof Case

It’s designed and built by a reputed company called “LifeePro.” One of the best things about this case is it offers dual-layer water protection to the Samsung S9. Well, the S9 already has the IP68 rating, but this case is great for adding an extra layer of protection with its robust back case and screen protector.

LifeePro Waterproof Case

What’s more? This case can effectively isolate your smartphone from dirt, dust, water, rain, and snow. Additionally, it’s shockproof and drop-resistant. All in all, it’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can buy for your phone.

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Fitfort Samsung Galaxy S9 case is one of the best protective transparent cell phone cases, specially designed for Galaxy S9 users. It allows you to highlight the phone’s original look without any fear of damage or water entry.

The case won’t only protect your phone from accidental drops, but it will also protect your device from scratches and damage to your phone’s display. The case is perfectly designed and tested under 8.5 feet of water around 2000 times.

Fitfort Samsung Galaxy S9 waterproof case

The ultra-thin layer, in this case, provides your phone with maximum protection. A unique fingerprint response key helps you in a better grip.

Plus, its air cushion technology absorbs shock with the raised edges to protect the screen and the camera.

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An Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Galaxy S9 Cases

The availability of smartphone case brands and models will always overwhelm you. However, these tips will help you sort things and choose the one with ease.

So, read the below section to be a smart buyer and buy the one that is best for your smartphone and wallet.

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Start By Doing Your Homework

No matter what you buy in the online market, research is mandatory. Exploring the internet and stores will help you get the right exposure to the brands and available options. So, go online and search for the brand and read the customer reviews available for the particular brand and its cases.

Furthermore, you will also be able to check out the real product images on Google. The fact is, the product image you see in online stores is shot in the best lighting conditions. Therefore, the actual product appearance and feel vary from that shown on store pages.

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Compare The Price

When it comes to buying a Samsung S9 case, you will get a lot of options available at different price ranges. So, first of all, you should sort them and find the one that you like and then compare its price with other online stores selling the same case.

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Compare The Price

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So, this way, you will grab a more lucrative deal. Also, many sellers offer combo deals and discounts on smartphone cases and covers. So don’t forget to check them out.

Slim Cases Vs. Bulky

We are living in a technologically advanced world where phone manufacturers compete to build the slimmest phone possible. So, many buyers love to show off the slim profile of their smartphone. And, some buyers don’t prefer to carry anything bulky in their pockets. So, if you belong to these scenarios too, we suggest you buy a classic slim case offering ultimate protection simultaneously.

Additionally, many covers and cases feature impact resistance, drop, dust, and scratch protection. So, explore the market accordingly and buy the one that doesn’t drain your wallet and offers the best protection without being too bulky.

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Customizable Cases And Covers

What if you browse a lot of websites for the best Samsung S9 cases, but unfortunately, you don’t find the one for your device? Well, in that case, you should go with a customizable case and cover options.

Several manufacturers offer services like “Create Your Case,” which allows buyers to design and upload an image of the case they want to buy. So, that’s another option you can consider to get the desired case for your Samsung S9.

In the end, It’s All About Your Budget And Preference ….

So, that’s everything you should know and consider when choosing the one from our best Samsung S9 cases list. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide and that it has explained everything appropriately to you.

Final Decision Is Always Yours…

So, those are the best Samsung S9 cases we recommend you choose from. Also, don’t forget to read the buyer’s guide section before making any final decision. The guide will surely redirect you towards the right case offering the ultimate protection for your Samsung S9 smartphone.

So, that’s all for now. Also, do follow us to read more such posts and hunt for the best of the best smartphone accessories for your every need. Thanks for reading this post.

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