Good health would be the primary thing for many people. To maintain it constantly, people also follow some of the healthy tips. Some of them also do regular exercise while some would like to go to a gym for fitness. Nowadays, the smartphone also provides some features to inspire you to good health. On the same note, some of the Android apps also help you for the same. To get to know more, here we will discuss Best Running Apps for Android.

Best Running Apps for Android

Here, we are about to discuss the Best Running Apps for Android devices. In which, you will get a chance to be familiar with the Best apps. Here are all the apps that will inspire you for the run to make better fitness. All these apps are readily available at the Google Store without any cost. So, just visit the store once and get the most inspiring running app for you. These apps come with high compatibility with all your Android smartphones.

So, let us jump on the discussion and keep running always for the Better Health and Strong Nation.

Runtastic Running App

To get inspired to run, the Runtastic app will provide a significant impact. It is one of the cool apps that comes with an attractive UI and much more. To get started with the app, you must register yourself by signing up for it. To do so, the Facebook ID or Google ID will be eligible.

As soon as you sign up, go ahead, and agree to all the T&C. It is not only an app, but it also serves as a foundation. This app has come up with a great initiative for fighting marine plastic pollution. From 8th June to 8th July, with every KM run through the app, the app has decided to donate $1.

Runtastic Running App

The Runtastic app can help you as your trainer. It can work as a fitness tracker which can track distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned, and more.

It will do the same for all types of running including slow running, jogging, marathon running, etc. You can use this app with Android Wear 2.0 as it is fully compatible with it. Even it shows you all the figures when you are about to walk. A native speaker will also give you feedback. Also, to boost up your confidence, the app has offered a music player as an integral part.

It will keep every record that you have made with it. For the perfect health, you can also set the Goal. The app also suggests you the time to have a new pair of shoes.

Features of the Runtastic Running App

  • Supports Great Initiative for Fighting Marine Plastic Pollution
  • Perfect Fitness Tracker to track every detail
  • Use while running, jogging, marathon running, etc.
  • Set the Goal to run
  • Compatible with Android Wear 2.0
  • A Native Speaker
  • An Integrated Music Player
adidas Running: Run Tracker
adidas Running: Run Tracker

Running Distance Tracker +

If the accurate runner distance and fitness tracker is your demand, then the Running Distance Tracker + is the best. Unlike other running apps, you do not need to register.

This app will track distance, pace, calories, and more. It also shows you how much time you have run. It offers a simple but good UI. Wherever needed, the voice assistant also directs you to the best running way. The app will cover the place on the map using the GPS.

Running Distance Tracker +

You can listen to the songs while running using this app. As you tap on the music option, the app will let you redirect to Google Music.

The app will save all the records and history that you have made using this app. Also of that, while running you can have an idea of your current and average pace. You can also create your plan to run properly with a final ambition of making fitness.

Features of Running Distance Tracker + App

  • Displays accurate runner distance
  • Fitness tracker tracks distance, pace, calories, time and more
  • Simple but Good UI
  • Voice assistant to direct you towards the best running way
  • Create a route on the map using the GPS
  • Songs to boost the courage of running using Google Music
  • Saves all the records and history for further use
Running Distance Tracker +
Running Distance Tracker +
Developer: Fitness22
Price: Free

Google Fit

Is there any aspect where Google has not contributed to making apps or another way? Well, the answer should be NO. Now, in the health category, Google offers the best app Google Fit.

As it is a Google app, you know that registration is a must. So, choose the Google Account to go ahead. It will track every action that you perform while running. It is also compatible with the Android Wearables device.

Google Fit

With Google Fit, you can have all the figures for your running, walking, or other activities. Also, it mentions the accurate number to record the speed, pace, route, elevation, and more.

It also lets you set the goal by steps, time, distance, and calories burned. Time by time, you will also get some coaching to achieve the goal. It can also track fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight.

Features of the Google Fit App

  • Track every activity
  • Compatible with the Android Wearables device
  • Get all the important figures for your running, walking, or other activities
  • Mentions the accurate number to record the speed, pace, route, elevation, and more
  • Set the goal by steps, time, distance, and calories burned
  • Achieve the goal with the help recommendations and coaching provided by the app.
  • Track fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Strava Training

The Strava Training is another unique way to track your every detail while you are doing your favorite activity. The sign-up is a must for using the features of the app, so do it quickly.

As you go ahead by completing all the formalities, it will ask you to choose the activity. From the options of running, Ride, Walk, Hike, Canoe, Cycle, Surf, Swim, E-bike Ride, and many more. It will track the details of distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned.

Strava Training

You can also track the route using the map through GPS. You can also challenge yourself by setting the goal.

For the comparison, it will save all the data and records. You can record and share the routes with the other community members of Strava. Also, make happy them by sharing photos of routes and your ride.

Features of the Strava Training App

  • Offers a unique way to track the details
  • Choose the activity from running, riding, Walk, hiking, canoeing, cycling, Surf, swimming, E-bike riding, and many more
  • Track the details of distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned
  • Track the route using the map
  • Share the record and data
  • Share the routes and ride
Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
Developer: Strava Inc.
Price: Free


The Runkeeper app is also an excellent running app that provides all the features. To use it, you will also have to go through the registration. You can do it by using the Facebook ID, Mail ID, or Google ID. Alongside this, it also asks you to fill in some info regarding you for better recommendations and coaching.

The app has a nice UI. It will track out all the necessary info while jogging, running, biking, cycling, and more activities. For the perfect result, it lets you set the goal. Once you set the target, the app will coach you for all the required actions.


As this app does not delete anything, you can have your progress in front of your eyes. At the time of running, the voice assistant will be working as a motivator. With the activation of GPS, the route you have chosen to run will automatically display on the map. It also helps you to find out new routes for the regular running.

You can also share your achievements on a various social media platform. The built-in connectivity to Google Play also lets you listen to your favorite songs.

Features of the Runkeeper App

  • Provides better recommendations and coaching
  • Nice UI
  • Track all the info while jogging, running, biking, cycling, and more activities
  • Set the goal and get proper recommendations and coaching for the best achievement
  • Analyze the progress
  • Voice assistant to direct and motivate
  • Route displays on the map
  • Find new routes for running and more activities
  • Share the achievement on a various social platform
  • Listen to favorite songs through Google Music

So, what’s your goal regarding the running? Set your own using the above-listed best-running apps for Android. Also, do let us know your valuable opinion regarding the guide.

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