Have you ever heard of the Reddit App? Some of the users do not know what is it. So, for those, Reddit is an America-based social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. On which, the members can share their views and discuss something. But, this is only applicable to the registered members.

They can share some content like links, posts, and images. The content will go up and down by the votes of the other members. In short, it is quite an amazing app. Here, for more fun, you will get the Best Reddit App for Android.

Best Reddit App For Android

The user of Reddit can create a board to discuss something interesting which is known as a subreddit. These boards will contain many topics to discuss including news, movies, video games, books, music, and more. This variety of topics will be juggled up by the votes of other users.

The votes also help the content to appear on the home page of Reddit. You can also do marketing of your product by discussing it on the relevant Subreddits. If you get enough votes, then your content may have a chance to appear on the homepage.

Best Reddit App for Android

Here, we will discuss the Best Reddit App for Android devices. Typically, the official Reddit app also allows you to do the same whatever we have discussed earlier. But, as an alternative to it, here we will discuss the best Reddit apps.

All these apps are readily available at the Play Store free of cost. It also offers high compatibility with all Android devices. All of them provide full features to an enjoy official Reddit app. So, let us take a look at the full discussion.

Now for Reddit

If you always want to use an easy-to-use Reddit app, then the Now for Reddit app is available for you. It will provide every web content to you which has been shared on the internet.

You will have many posts, images, and videos to always have an enjoyment of new content. Besides, you can also browse the best content that is shared on Facebook and Twitter daily. With this app, you can have a beautiful UI. You can give your contribution to the Reddit content by vote, sharing, liking, and commenting. It supports the Reddit mail service.

Now for Reddit

It offers a search option to find your friends and their posts on Reddit. To have offline fun, you can save images and GIF files on your smartphone. This app automatically syncs the use of the Reddit app across smartphone and desktop devices. To share your views on a particular post, it offers color-coded comments.

For the same, you can edit the font and font size. The important feature of this app is Reddit TV. It will let you enjoy every video sensation on the web without any hassle. It contains various categories of Videos, Music, TV, Sports, Documentaries, and more.

Features of Now for Reddit

  • Every web content is on the top of the internet
  • Several Posts, Images, and Videos for the limitless enjoyment
  • Browse the content of Facebook and Twitter
  • Vote, Share, Like, and Comment on Reddit content
  • A Search option to find friends and their posts
  • Offline saving of images and GIF files
  • Automatica sync across the devices
  • Color-coded Comments with editable text
  • Reddit TV contains categories of Videos, Music, TV, Sports, Documentaries, and more
Now for Reddit
Now for Reddit
Developer: Phyora
Price: Free


The RedReader is an unofficial Reddit app, but to an extent, it will provide features like an official one. You can upvote and downvote content which is just a swipe away from the user.

It can support multiple accounts to be used together. For low-light use, it also has a night mode theme. You can save and hide any post with just a few touches. It contains a built-in image viewer and GIF player.


The image precaching will also have options that will help you to save your data. It offers three options always, never, or Wi-Fi only. For better use, it can store previous versions of posts and comments. To use it on a bigger screen, it has Two-column tablet mode, which provides flexibility for the use. It will not contain any ads while using it.

Features of RedReader

  • Upvote and Downvote content
  • Support multiple accounts to use
  • Night Mode theme for low light use
  • Save and Hide any post
  • Built-in image viewer and GIF player
  • Two-column tablet mode
Developer: QuantumBadger
Price: Free

So, here we have listed the Best Reddit App For Android. This discussion contains the best  Reddit apps, from which you have to select your own best.

We hope that this guide will succeed in providing you an enjoyment of the Reddit app. If it does, then do share it with the other Reddit users to have an enjoyable alternative.

Also, do let us know your valuable views on the same guide by leaving comments.

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