The calculator is one of the useful accessories in our routine life. To do some little or big calculations, we are using the calculator. Nowadays many types of calculators are available which can calculate even any kind of calculation. But, to make the calculation, it must be with us. Many of us do not like to keep it in our pocket or bag. So, what to do when you need it instantly? To have it anytime, here we have the Best Calculator App for Android guide.

This guide will have some of the best Calculator apps to provide access to the calculator at any time. Although, every smartphone device comes with a pre-loaded calculator app. But, it can only be used for some simple calculation. And, you can only enter some of the limited numbers of characters.

So, when you are supposed to do big calculations, the mobile calculator may not help you. But, on the same side, the Best Calculator App will help you.

So, that’s why here we have come up with this guide, Best Calculator App for Android.

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Best Calculator App for Android

Here, we will mention the Best Calculator App for Android devices. All the five apps are readily available at the Google Play Store. All of them can easily be compatible with all the Android OS-powered smartphones and tablets. 

Best Calculator App for Android

Now, let’s have a ride over the guide with a detailed description of every app.

All-In-One Calculator

The All-In-One Calculator app does the same job as its name. You can make every kind of calculation with this app. From a Child to a Businessman, it is a useful calculator app for everyone. You can also use unit converters with this app, by which you can quickly make conversions of units. To convert the units, it offers Angle, Area, Power, Coking, Data Transfer Speeds, Energy, Force, Pressure, Shoe Size, etc.

You can also customize the theme from available more than 40 themes. You can also have access to the history. Also of that, it has more than 5 categories for calculations. The categories like Algebra, Geometry, Finance, Engineering, Health, and Miscellaneous. Each of these categories also contains sub-categories to provide you a flexibility of use.

In short, you will get more than 75 types of calculators. To use a normal calculator, just tap on the sign of it at the lower right corner of the screen.

All-In-One Calculator

You can also set them as favorites for the calculations that you are making frequently. To find any of the particular calculators, there is also a Search option at the top of the screen.

Features of All-In-One Calculator

  • A useful Calculator App
  • Unit Converters including Angle, Area, Power, Coking, Data Transfer Speeds, and more
  • 40+ different themes for customization
  • Access to the History of the recent calculations
  • Categories like Algebra, Geometry, Finance, Engineering, Health, and Miscellaneous
  • More than 75 types of calculators
  • Set as favorites for frequent calculations
  • Search option to find any calculator  
All-In-One Calculator
All-In-One Calculator

CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator

To explore everyday calculator needs, the CalcKit calculator app is one of the best apps. This app provides around 150 types of calculators and converters. It includes various categories like 2D-3D Geometry, Equations, Algebra, matrix Calculator, Electronics, and more in calculators. It also has a highly customizable scientific calculator. Whether you are a student, teacher, builder, or engineer, this app will be a perfect tool for you. The light and dark theme of the calculator keypad lets you enjoy it every time. 

It supports English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish. In terms of converters, it offers you Currency Converter also. It is compatible with around 160 currencies for conversion. It also has Heat Converter, Fluid Converter, Engineering Converter, Electricity Converter, Light Converter, and more. With the help of Custom tools, you can also make your calculators by setting your variables.

CalcKit All in One Calculator

It also shows you all the tools that have been recently used by you. By using this app, you will get an instant result for every input. You can also find your desired calculator by searching out it using the Search option.

Features of CalcKit

  • 150 types of calculators and converters
  • 2D-3D Geometry, Equations, Algebra, matrix Calculator, Electronics, etc.
  • Perfect Tool for everyone
  • Light and Dark theme for keypad
  • English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Russian, etc.
  • Currency Converter supports 160+ currencies
  • Heat Converter, Fluid Converter, Engineering Converter, Electricity Converter, and more
  • Easy access to the Recently used tools
  • Instant result for every input
CalcKit: All-In-One Calculator
CalcKit: All-In-One Calculator

ClevCalc – Calculator

The ClevCalc Calculator app is also one of the handy tools for your daily necessities. It comes with a simple and clean interface. In terms of the calculator, it supports more than 12 calculators.

The various categories of calculators are General Calculator, Discount Calculator,  Loan Calculator, Discount Calculator, Date Calculator, and more. All these calculators can easily perform their specific tasks according to their names.

ClevCalc - Calculator

In addition to that, you can also use converters including Unit Converters, Currency Converters, World Time Converters, and Hexadecimal Converters.

It also offers 15 different themes. You can also set the startup calculator. It means, that whenever you open the app to use, you will get that particular calculator to use. It also offers Calculator Data Backup and Recovery.

Features of ClevCalc

  • Handy tools for daily necessities
  • Simple interface
  • 12 calculators including General Calculator, Discount Calculator,  Loan Calculator, etc.
  • Unit Converter, Currency Converter, World Time Converter, and Hexadecimal Converter
  • 15 different themes
  • Calculator Data Backup and Recovery
ClevCalc - Calculator
ClevCalc - Calculator
Developer: Cleveni Inc.
Price: Free

In the end, we hope that this Best Calculator App for Android guide will be very useful to you. If it is, then do not forget to share it with other users.

Let us also know your views on this guide.

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