Recently, The Truecaller has launched its new “Contact backup & restore” feature for their all users. With this feature, all the Truecaller users can backup all data of their Truecaller to their linked Google drive. With this feature, Truecaller users can backup other things like App settings, Blocklist numbers, Call log, search history and Unknown numbers that identified by Truecaller app.

If the user has uninstalled the Truecaller app from their phone, then don’t have to worry about it. Because the Restore feature of this app allows you to restore all your data when you install the Truecaller app on your smartphone.

Backup Contact Using Truecaller


To backup your all data, the Truecaller app will create a private folder on your Google Drive to store your backed up files like Contacts, Blocklist numbers, App settings, etc. In this time, the backup feature will only work with Google Drive, so if you don’t have Google Account then create a new Google Account as soon as possible to enable the backup feature of this app.

After that, only you have to sign up with your Google Account into Truecaller. If you already have a Truecaller account, then only you have to link your Google Account with Truecaller.

Backup Contact Using Truecaller

What can you backup via Truecaller app?

By using the backup features of Truecaller app, you can backup plenty of things like your all saved contacts, App settings, Blocklist numbers, Call log, Search History, Unknown numbers that identified by Truecaller app.

How to restore the backup on Android?

To restore the backup on your smartphone, only you have to log in to the same Google account to your smartphone that was used to perform the backup.

To restore the backup on the same Android device, first of all, you have to uninstall the app from your smartphone then install again on your Android smartphone. During the installation process of the Truecaller app, you will be prompted to Restore. After the restoration process completed, you will need to restart the Truecaller app.

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