Till now, Samsung has launched so many smartphones & tablets. All the Samsung smartphone devices contain unique features. One of the best Samsung features is Smart Stay. The Smart Stay feature will allow you to keep the screen on, while you are watching on the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 devices come with this feature. But, while using this feature, you have noticed that one eye symbol comes at the status bar. Then what is the Eye Symbol on Galaxy S5 or S4?

This eye symbol is the symbol of using the Smart Stay feature on your Galaxy devices. This symbol appears and disappears after certain intervals. The front camera of your Galaxy S4 or S5 device is also used for this Smart Stay function. If you frequently see an eye icon on Note 4 or any other Samsung device and do not want to see it again, you are at the right place. We have a solution to remove that eye symbol from the status bar of the devices. With the help of that solution, you can easily remove the eye symbol.

What is the Eye Symbol on Galaxy S4/S5 and How To Remove It?

The Eye Symbol on Galaxy S4 or S5 devices is a symbol that indicates the use of the Smart Stay Feature. If you do not like that eye symbol on your device, then just follow the solution. By using the solution, you can easily get rid of the eye symbol.

For user simplicity, here we are going to discuss the solution in terms of step-by-step info. So, now just take a look at the solution and follow it properly.

  • First of all, go to the “Settings” of your Samsung Galaxy S4 device.
  • Then, swipe the display left for the “My device” tab.
  • Here, scroll the display and tap on the option of “Smart Screen“.

What is the Eye Symbol on Galaxy S4

  • Under the option of a smart screen, you can also see an option for “Smart Stay”. Now, tap on the checkmark box to remove it.

After doing the above process, the feature of Smart Stay will automatically be disabled. If once the Smart Stay feature is disabled, then the eye symbol will automatically disappear. Now, the eye symbol will never appear at the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S4 device. This entire process can also apply to Samsung Galaxy S5 devices.

We hope that by using this solution you can easily remove the eye symbol from the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 devices.

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