Nowadays, so many smartphone manufacturers are in the market. They all are launched their smartphone with some unique specs. Some smartphones come with Dual SIM feature, while some are having Single SIM. But, when you insert SIM card in the device, it shows an error like “Invalid SIM Card”. This error message comes even when there is no problem in the SIM card. Because of that, some users of smartphone gets irritating. They also do not know that What Does Invalid SIM mean? So, here we will discuss that what does mean the “Invalid SIM card”.

What Does invalid Sim Means

Here, we are going to discuss the what does Invalid SIM mean on HTC Android device. After that, we will also discuss that how to fix that SIM error on HTC devices. Because the Invalid SIM mean and its fixes may be same also for any android users. Now, take a look at the detailed descriptions of the topic and keep using SIM card without an error message.

What Does Invalid SIM mean?

The Invalid SIM card message appears when this three condition is taking place.

  1. If there is no SIM card inserted in your device, the error message comes.
  2. If your SIM card connection is faulty, then the error occurs.
  3. The unrecognisable SIM card can also cause this Invalid SIM error.

In short, Whenever you get some SIM issue on your device, it means something wrong happened with the SIM card. So, it is necessary to get solution regarding the SIM issue as soon as possible. For that, here we are going to discuss some fixes which can resolve the Invalid SIM card issue.

Fix Invalid SIM Card Issue on your smartphone

1.) By Restarting your Android Phone :

This is one of the easiest ways to resolve the SIM issue on your smart android device. This fix can quickly solve your problem within seconds. When your device does not recognize or detect the SIM card, the problem comes. Sometimes, it happens even when your SIM card is in SIM tray. So, whenever you received an “Invalid SIM card” error, then instantly reboot your phone.

To reboot your phone, just press and hold the Power button of your device. It will prompt you to Switch off and Restart the device. After turning on your device, If still, you are facing the same issue, then move further with the next solutions.

2.) By Switching On/Off the Airplane Mode :

This solution is also useful when the Wi-Fi connection and data connection is not working properly. In this solution, you just have to turn on and turn off the Airplane mode.

To do so, here we are mentioning easy steps, that you have to follow. Here, below method is for the users of Android OS version 6.0 Marshmallow. But, other users, do not worry. Because your android OS may also contain same steps.

  • Go to the Settings of your smart android device.
  • Then, under the Wireless and networks section, tap on the More option.
  • You will see Airplane mode here.
  • Tap on that toggle button to enable or disable it


  • To turn on the Airplane mode on your device, touch on that toggle. Now, wait for 20 to 25 seconds. Then, again touch on that toggle to disable the Airplane mode.

By doing so, the SIM issue may solve. If not, then the next solution is also for you, to resolve it.

3.) By Inserting Valid SIM card :

If you received the Invalid SIM card message, it also means that your SIM is not valid. To resolve it, you would have to switch off your android device.

After switching off your phone, now check that the inserted SIM is valid or not. The, insert your card again in the device. After that, you are facing the same issue, then go ahead with the next one.

4.) By Removing the Battery and Reinserting the SIM Card :

As we discussed ago, that the SIM error message also delivered to you if the faulty SIM connection is there. So, to get rid of some faulty SIM connection, remove the inserted SIM. To do so, first of all, you must remove the battery of the device.

Then, remove the SIM card from the SIM tray. Sometimes the unclean SIM tray also causes the SIM error. So, also clean up the tray with soft hands and clean clothes. Wait a bit. Now, reinsert your SIM card and also the battery in the device. It may solve out the SIM issue of your HTC or any other android phone.

5.) By Doing Some Settings of the Networks :

After inserting the SIM card properly in the device, sometimes because of some lack of settings, it shows error. So, at that time, you have to change or make some settings within your android device. To do so, you have to follow some easy steps.

  • Go to the Settings >> More (under the Wireless and networks tag).
  • Here, the fourth option of Cellular Networks is there. tap on it.


  • On the next display, again tap on the fourth option of Network Operators. It will search out all the network providers. Wait until the search is completed. Then, from the list, select an appropriate network provider as per the SIM card. Then, wait a bit.

After following above process, the SIM issue may resolve.

So, here we have discussed the answer of What Does Invalid SIM mean. We have also discussed that how to fix the Invalid SIM card error message on HTC devices. Also listed here the number of fixes, to get the solution with lots of ways.

We hope that this discussion will be very useful to you to get rid of the SIM issues. If it works for you, then do not forget to share it with closest. You can also leave your valuable opinion regarding the discussion.

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