As a human, we have tried at least once to speak out as the other gender. This means that as a man, he would have tried to speak as a woman. The purpose of doing so is mostly for fun. To add some more joy to the line, there are many apps available that can change your voice.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android Smartphones

For the fun, it is enough to change the voice without doing much. So, to know about those apps, we will discuss them. In this, we will mention the best Voice  Changer Apps for Android smart devices.

Voice Changer Apps for Android

Here, you will have a list of the list of Best Voice Changer Apps for Android. In which, you will get the best Apps. All the apps are readily available at the Play Store for all Android users.

As all of them are freely available there, you do not need to pay anything. Just open the Play Store, download and install it. All the apps are highly compatible with all of your smartphone devices which are running on Android OS.

Voice changer with effects

This is a very simple and easy-to-use voice changer Android app that you can use on your smartphone. This voice changer Android app is very simple and easy to use. You just need to record your voice using the record button and play it in multiple voices you need.

We have reviewed this voice changer and how to use it in this video, check this video to find out more information on it.

Features of Voice changer with effects

  • Easy and simple
  • Record your voice & play it in multiple voices
Voice changer with effects
Voice changer with effects
Developer: Baviux
Price: Free

Helium Voice Changer

The Helium Voice Changer app does the best while you are about to change the Voice. The app offers a cool UI. To record the audio, just tap on the Record button after opening the app. And, it will start to record your voice.

Then, to stop it, tap on the Stop button and the recording will load for a while. To change the voice, you will have options of Helium, Teenager, Robot, Smurf, and Fast. Even, this app lets you change the voice of existing audio that has already been saved on the device.

Helium Voice Changer

The best part of the app is that you can also apply the voice changer for the Videos. For that, you can have the same options likewise audio. It is also applicable for the saved videos as well. To unlock more voice for both categories, the in-app purchase is also there. You can also visit the recorded video and audio. It also allows you to save the recording in the device. To share it, you will have many sharing options.

Features of Helium Voice Changer

  • Easy to record the voice
  • Change voice from Helium, Teenager, Robot, Smurf, and Fast
  • Change the voice of existing audio and video
  • Voice Changer for the Videos
  • Save the recording in the storage
  • Share the recording using sharing options
Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

The Voice Changer by AndroidRock is a cool app that lets you utilize many effects to change the voice. The way of changing the voice is as same as we have seen for previous apps.

As you open the app, you will have four options on the main screen, Record an Audio, Open an Audio, Saved Audios, and More. Here, to record the voice, tap on the first option. As the audio is recorded, you will get many effects to turn the voice with them. You can also apply the effect of the audio that has been stored on the mobile.

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

There are many effects offered by the app like Chipmunk, Child, Old Man, Martian, Chorus, Bee, Foreigner, and more. You can also have access to the saved audio. To share it with other people, there are various sharing platforms available. It allows you to apply more than one effect on the same recording. This app contains an ad.

Features of Voice Changer App by AndroidRock

  • Offers many effects to change the voice
  • Apply the effect on the in-phone audio
  • Saved Audio will save all the audio that has been made through it
  • Effects like Chipmunk, Child, Old Man, Martian, Chorus, Bee, Foreigner, and many more
  • Easy sharing options to share the changed voice audio on various social platforms
Voice Changer
Voice Changer
Developer: AndroidRock
Price: Free

So, how’s the ride on this Voice Changer Apps for Android guide? Do let us know your best pick from the guide.

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