So, you have blocked your friend or someone from your family on Instagram for some reason? But now, you want to unblock someone on Instagram? If you have no idea how to do that, then you land here on the right webpage.

Blocking someone on Instagram is an ideal way to stop people from seeing your posts or pictures. However, sometimes you want that person back in your contact list.

So, the question is how to unblock that person.

Fortunately, unblocking on Instagram is an effortless task. However, some people may face trouble in unblocking people from Instagram. So, read our article further. Our ultimate step-by-step guide will help you.

However, before proceeding towards the steps, you might know what happens when you block or unblock the person on Instagram.

What Happens Before And After You Block And Unblock Someone On Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, the blocked person may not be able to see your posts or Instagram stories anymore. Moreover, they cannot search your profile by using the search tool.

Further, he/she will not be able to contact you via messages. And when you block someone, they automatically unfollow you. Furthermore, any posts you have liked from her profile will also be hidden.

On the other hand, when you unblock someone, they will be able to see your posts and stories again without signing out from their account. Furthermore, he or she can also search your profile in the search tool and also able to send you messages back.

However, they will not follow you again automatically. Also, if he does so, you will be notified.

Now, we are proceeding towards our main content. Let’s take a look.

Ways To Unblock Someone On Instagram

Unblock Someone on Instagram

Method #1: How To Unblock Someone On Instagram Using The Official Insta App

  • If you are using the Instagram app on your phone, then open the app from the home screen menu. Next, you need to follow the below steps.
  • Open your “Instagram profile” by tapping on the “Humanoid icon” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Then, you need to tap on the “Three-dot menu icon” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From the menu lists, you will have to navigate to the “Account settings” option and tap on “Blocked users.”
  • Here you will see the lists of every user that you have blocked. Tap on the person’s name from the lists that you want to unblock.
  • Go to their profile and click on the “Unblock option.”
  • Finally, a popup window will ask if you are sure; click on “Yes, I am sure.”

So, that’s all. These are the steps to unblock someone from the Instagram app.

Method #2: How To Unblock Someone On Instagram Using Web Browsers

Before accessing Instagram via any of your Android phone browsers, search for the person you want to unblock. You may find their name in the search results with other similar account names.

  • You can simply go to “” If you have the exact name of an unblocked person, replace the “Username” in the URL with the name of your friend.
  • Next, you need to on the “Three-dot icon” at the upper right of the screen, then choose “Unblock” from the available options.
  • Again, a popup window will be asked to confirm your decision; click “Yes to do so.”

That’s all. You have successfully unblocked your friend via the Instagram web version.


So, that is the ultimate guide on how to unblock someone on Instagram. We hope this article has helped you and cleared your vision about how to unblock your friends on Instagram.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope you enjoyed reading the article. For more updates related to Android, do follow us and stay tuned with us at The Android Portal.

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