Nowadays, all smartphones come with so many features and specs. With the increase in the popularity of Android mobile phones, security features are also important for all users. For security and safety purposes, most manufacturers have launched their devices along with some safety features.

Regarding built-in security features, the smartphone device comes with a mobile locking facility. In addition to that, the lock has options like pattern lock, password lock, PIN lock, and more. Most of the users use this facility to protect their devices from someone. But sometimes, in the case of pattern lock, after attempting so many times, the lock should not open. So, to resolve it, we will discuss the method for how to unlock a smartphone after too many pattern attempts.

This kind of situation is many times faced by most of the users. Whenever you want to set up the pattern lock, you will have to draw your pattern to set it. If once you set up the pattern lock, then you have to enter that pattern to unlock the device. But sometimes, even after entering the pattern many times, the lock is not going to open.

It occurs when you forget the proper pattern to enter. Whenever you enter the wrong pattern, the device will never be unlocked. At that time, the device will show you a message as, too many attempts or a forgotten password.

So, to get rid of such a situation, here we will discuss a fix. By using that fix or solution, you can quickly unlock your device.

How to Unlock Smartphone After too many pattern attempts

This fix will help you to unlock the device, whenever you forget the pattern lock. But, before that, keep in mind that this fix may be problematic for you. The problem in the sense that after performing this fix, you may lose your data. You will only lose the data that will be saved in your internal memory of the device. But, do not worry about the data which will be saved on a Micro SD card. Because this fix will not be going to affect that data.

In short, if sensitive data is saved in internal memory, then please do not perform this fix. But here, also one question arises that, this fix is applicable for which devices. So for those users who were thinking this, this method is readily applicable to all smartphone devices. But, always remember, perform this entire process at your risk.

Now, take a look at the easy way of unlocking the smartphone device even after too many pattern attempts.

  • First of all, switch off or turn off your smartphone device using the Power key.
  • Wait a bit until the device is fully off. Now, press and hold the Power key, Home key, and Volume up key simultaneously. It will turn your device into Recovery mode. ( If your device does not have the Home key, then press and hold the Volume up key and Power key at a time.)
  • In the Recovery mode, it will show you some options. Now, find an option to Wipe data or Factory reset. By using the volume up and volume down key, you can navigate the option. After finding it, now select that option. (All data will be lost during this process)
  • After selecting the Wipe Data or Factory reset option, it will prompt you. They should ask “Confirm wipe of all user data ?” Now, say Yes to all the prompts, which will allow the process to be completed. After choosing Yes, the process of wiping all the data is going to start.
  • This process may take up to some time. After completing this process, it will ask you for an option of Reboot. Now, select it. After, restarting the device, you can easily access your smartphone device.

Now, switch on the smartphone device. You might lose the internal data of the device. Sometimes, because of some problem, if you find that this fix is not working, then you can also use some app. Some Unlocking apps are also available in the market, which will help you to unlock the device.

Do share your reviews and feedback about this, what have you done, when your smartphone was locked and not opened after too many pattern attempts?

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