If you are worried about your privacy when someone takes your smartphone and check out your personal messages, photos etc? You can either lock the smartphone using app lock android apps, or if your device has fingerprint scanner you got plus one. Here in this article, we will discuss and explain you how to easily setup your finger on Zenfone Zoom S smartphone.

Setting Up Fingerprint Scanner on Zenfone Zoom S - theandroidportal.com

How to Setup Fingerprint Scanner on Zenfone Zoom S

  • Just Go to Setting > Security > Fingerprint
  • Add your fingerprint and follow on screen instructionFingerprint Scanner Setup on Zenfone Zoom S

Check out the screenshot above and below to know how this will work. Once you touch your finger and it read your entire fingertip, you will see success message. You can also rename your fingerprint name if you wish.Fingerprint Scanner Zenfone Zoom S

We have also created a video tutorial on how you can easily setup your own finger on your Zenfone zoom S smartphone in few easy steps.

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