If you have Samsung’s Wireless charging pad and are facing a “Wireless Charging Paused” error on your Samsung smartphone screen and are looking for how to fix it, then don’t worry.

Here in this article, we have mentioned how you can solve this issue easily by yourself. Most users have the same issue with their wireless charging pad: they cannot charge their smartphone via a wireless charging pad.

samsung wireless charging pad not working
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If you are one of those who face this same issue with the wireless charging pad, then don’t worry about it. In this post, we have mentioned a few solutions that you can use to fix your Wireless charging pad issue.

If you are not able to charge your device with your existing wireless charging, then just replace your old wireless charging pad with the new compatible charging pad. With the new compatible Wireless charging pad, you can charge your smartphone without any problem. If you see the error “Wireless Charging Paused” on your smartphone, you can continue reading.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Not Working

Check out the following fix if your Samsung wireless charger is not working and you are looking for a solution.

Check if the Fast Charging is “On” or not.

If you have enabled the Fast Charging feature from the settings of your smartphone and it does not charge fast, then you have to check whether the Fast Charging feature is turned on or not. To check, you have to open the Settings app on your smartphone, then scroll down and go to “Advanced Features.” After that, tap on “Accessories,” >> “Fast Charging.”

Here, if you see that the fast charging is enabled, then you have to disable it. After disabling the features, try to charge your smartphone from your existing wireless charging pad and then check that if you do not see the error again, which means you can charge your smartphone.

But for fast charging, you need to upgrade your existing charging pad with a fast wireless charging pad.

Check the USB Cable

If you are still facing this issue on your smartphone and the above-mentioned solution is not work on your smartphone, then you can also try this solution.

If the wireless charging pad is not able to charge your smartphone properly and you see “Wireless Charging Paused” on the smartphone screen, then you have to replace the USB cable of the wireless charging pad. By replacing the USB cable of your wireless charging pad, you can easily solve this issue.

If you want to check for your USB cable, then simply connect your USB cable to your computer or laptop and check if the USB cable works (if it works, then you can see “Cable Charging” on the screen). If the cable does not work fine, then you don’t have any option except to replace the USB cable.

Enable Day Dream Mode

This sounds stupid, but some users on a forum thread suggested enabling Day Dream mode to get it fixed.  To enable Day Dream mode on your Samsung device like S21, follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings > Display
  • From there, scroll down to see Daydream

You have done. Please try these and let us know if it works for you in the comments.

Fast charging is enabled, but you see “Fast Charging Paused.”

If you are seeing the “Fast Charging Paused” on your smartphone screen, then, first of all, you have to check for a charging adaptor. When you put your smartphone on the wireless charging pad, then it says “Fast Charging,” but after a few seconds, you see the “Fast Charging Paused” on the smartphone screen, so don’t worry, it is a common issue, and it can be solved easily.

In this situation, first of all, you have to check for the Wireless charger adaptor, then use any wired USB charger of another phone, plug in your smartphone, and check if you can see “Cable Charging” on your smartphone screen, which means, your smartphone is faulty.

But here, you need to replace your Wireless charger adaptor because your wireless charger’s adapter is not able to charge your smartphone faster or it is faulty. So buy a new compatible wireless charging pad or wireless charger adaptor for your smartphone.

Consider Buying the Latest Wireless Charger

If everything you tried and still your charger is not working, get it to a nearby service centre to fix it. If it is out of order, you should consider replacing your old charger with the new one. Check this link to find out the latest wireless charges for your Samsung devices.

Buy a Wireless Charger for Samsung

So here, we wrote about steps to fix your Samsung wireless charging pad, not working issues. Have you tried that?

If you are still unable to see any solution, we recommend you visit your nearby Samsung care centre.

Share your thoughts in the comments or tip us.

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