Facing Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off? Well, here is everything you can do to get rid of these issues. Read this post till the end of the full solution.

Power is an essential factor in electronic devices because, without power, your phone or other electronic devices is useless. If we talk about Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the best flagship model of the previous years.

Samsung launched a new design phone after a big gap. This model does not have physical home buttons and is a first-notch screen phone by Samsung.

The other features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 include a 5.8-inch super AMOLED display, a reliable processor, and a huge battery life. This is the most demanded phone among users. We agree it is a competent performance phone, but what to do with its performance if your phone does not charge?

The most common problem reported by Samsung users is the Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off. Some users complain that their phone does not charge properly, while others complain that Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off.

There are also other complaints by the users that Samsung Galaxy S8 drains the battery quickly. We read all the complaints and complied with some easy and simple solutions to fix this problem.

Today through this guide, we will discuss some quick solutions to solve this Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off issue. So, without wasting a single minute, let’s dive into the main content below.

Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Charges Only When Turned Off

Make Sure That The Cable And The Charger is Original

As you know, your Samsung Galaxy S8 supports the adaptive fast charging feature. So, it’s better to charge your phone with its original charger. If the charging problem occurs, the charger may be the culprit. Let’s do some physical tests on your fast charger.

Cleaning the charging port is the most crucial step to fixing Samsung Galaxy S8’s only charges when turned off. If there is any dust or lint stuck in the port, it creates hurdles and stops charging. If the port is clean, check the USB cable.

Check if there are any breaks or defects in the USB cable. If not, then the main culprit is the charger only. Borrow the same original Samsung charger with your friend and check whether it supports it or not.

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May Be Your Device Is Facing Some Software Issues

If your phone still does not support charging, then there is a high possibility that your device is facing some software issues. If the device system crashes, your phone does not work, sticks on the same screen, and cannot even charge.

To solve this problem, press the Volume Down and Power Button for about 7 seconds. It not only discharges the phone circuit but also clears the RAM. This reinforced boot-up helps solve unnecessary glitches and bugs in the device.

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Boot Up In Safe Mode

If the above solution fails, try this troubleshooting solution to fix the Galaxy S8 charging issue. Before proceeding, you must remember that your phone has enough battery because, in safe mode, all the third-party apps are disabled. To turn on safe mode, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Turn off your device, then press the “Power Key” for a few seconds.

Step 2: Release the power key when your model name appears on the screen.

Step 3: Press and hold the “Volume Down Key” just after releasing the power key.

Step 4: Hold the volume down key until the “Restart” process is completed.

Step 5: Now, you are in a safe mode. Release the “Volume Key” just after you enter the safe mode.

If your phone charges in this mode, then it confirms that the culprit is one of the third-party apps. Find the misbehaving app and uninstall it. That’s all. The issue should be fixed now.

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Reset Your Phone

If all the above solutions don’t work for you and fix the Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off the issue, reset your device as a final option. Resetting the device fixes all the software glitches and back the phone back to its default settings. To do so, follow the steps below and fix the Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off.

Step 1: Switch off your phone

Step 2: Press the “Power Button, Home Key, and Volume Up Key” simultaneously.

Step 3: Release all the keys when you see “Android Logo” appear on the screen. Now you are in recovery mode.

Step 4: After that, navigate for “Wipe data/ Factory Reset” using the “Volume Down Key” and the power key to confirm the selection.

Step 5: Again, use the volume down key until you reach “Yes Delete All User Data.”

Step 6: Press the “Power Key” to confirm the action.

Step 7: Once the master reset is completed, highlight the “Reboot System Now.”

Step 8: Finally, use the power key to restart your new phone.

That’s all. Now the Samsung Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off should be fixed!

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So, the troubleshooting guide ends for Galaxy S8 only charges when turned off. If the above solutions cannot work for you, then it may be a hardware issue.

Thanks for giving your valuable time. We hope you enjoy reading this post. Keep supporting, and do follow us on The Android Portal.

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