Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was the company’s flagship for 2017 and is now an aging device at two years old. However, the handset still receives Android updates and remains one of the best smartphones money can buy. With high-end specs and a now affordable mid-range price tag, the Galaxy S8 is an interesting value-for-money option.

Let’s not forget the Samsung Galaxy S8 also remains one of the best-looking smartphones ever made. Samsung carried the design language it debuted on the S6 and evolved it to create the sleek and beautiful Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The wonderful curved screen on the front of the S8 is a marvel of smartphone technology, but it is also fragile. Just a single drop could spell the end of your screen or leave you with nasty-looking scratches and cracks. To protect your screen and maintain the aesthetics of your Galaxy S8, a screen protector is a wise investment.

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

Below are some of our recommendations for the best screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Belkin ScreenForce TemperedCurve

Belkin is one of the leading names in the mobile accessories market and has been making excellent products for years. The company’s skill and attention to quality are evident in the ScreenForce TemperedCurve screen protector. Belkin wants Samsung Galaxy S8 owners to have an experience as near to stock as possible.

Belkin ScreenForce TemperedCurve

To help achieve that, the ScreenForce TemperedCurve is made of glass and placed seamlessly onto the curved screen of the Galaxy S8. With the included installation tray, the Belkin protector adds an extra layer of glass to your screen. A layer you won’t be as devastated by if it cracks during a fall as you can remove it.

For everyday use, the ScreenForce Tempered Curve stays in good shape thanks to the treatment of an anti-scratch oleophobic layer that also reduces fingerprints. Belkin has ensured this protector is ready to stand up to the test of time.

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ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

Many Samsung Galaxy S8 users want to protect their screens without having to overspend to do so. That’s why the ArmorSuit is an interesting option, providing rugged durability at a fraction of the cost of some rivals.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

Sure, because this is just a layered film covering, it won’t be as strong as tempered glass. However, as the name suggests, the MilitaryShield is crafted using the same material to cover military aircraft and even space shuttles. Aside from being a cool fact, this means the protector is super strong.

ArmorSuit has also treated the film with a solution that stops it from yellowing as it gets older. Other abilities include anti-moisture and corrosion prevention. Finally, if you’re worried about scratches, the MilitaryShield features self-healing to close small scratches that inevitably occur.

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Armorsuit installation on S8 is quite easy you can follow the tutorial from the below video and do it yourself.

Curved Edge Cellphone Screen Protector Installation VIdeo by ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

IQ Shield LIQuidSkin

The LIQuidSkin from IQ Shield is another low-cost film screen cover that brings plenty of protection to the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has good reviews on Amazon because of its value-for-money package and good specs.

That package includes an installation tray, lint-free cloth, squeegee, and instructions for installing.

IQ Shield LIQuidSkin

The IQ Shield protector LIQuidSkin technology uses a unique wet-install that allows for easier pressing of the skin without any bubbles. Construction of the protector involves a process that merges several components into a single layer of film. The result is a protector that offers self-healing capabilities, high finger response, non-yellowing agents, and durability.

Like the ArmorSuit, this is not a tempered glass protector so it won’t prevent damage under hefty falls or drops. However, the LIQuidSkin does come as a 2-pack and a lifetime warranty should the protector itself break.

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DECVO Glass Pro

If you want a tempered glass alternative to the Belkin ScreenForce Tempered Curve, the DECVO Glass Pro is a good option. It delivers a tempered glass protective skin that is molded to the curves of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at a fraction of the cost of the Belkin.

DECVO Glass Pro

This screen protector sits seamlessly on your Galaxy S8, and with just under 0.35mm thickness, you will barely notice it is there. Indeed, the DECVO Glass Pro boasts 99% accuracy and a real touch feel once installed. Essentially, you will get the same viewing experience and tactile touch response as the normal Galaxy S8 screen.

Of course, you also get some heavy-duty protection on top of that ideal compatibility. DECVO uses shatterproof and scratch-resistant glass that has been treated with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints. There’s a lot to like with this protector, which delivers scratch resistance and general high-quality usability.

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Whitestone Dome Full-Screen

In terms of fit and usability, the Whitestone Dome is probably the best screen protector you can buy for the Samsung Galaxy S8. This tempered glass curved screen protector is designed specifically for those beautifully curved edges on the S8. If it weren’t so expensive, the Whitestone Dome would be a no-brainer.

Whitestone Dome Full Screen

This is a tempered glass protector in terms of performance, so you get the full standard of high durability the material affords.

For example, the Whitestone Dome features an oleophobic coating for reducing finger marks and is more than tough enough to withstand some nasty drops. Thanks to its installation method, the Dome is also a leader in terms of screen protection technology.

The wet installation method used by Whitestone places a layer of liquid between the protector and the screen. As well as aiding shock absorption, this layer makes the touch controls equally as sensitive as they would be without a protector. In other words, you won’t even notice an extra layer of glass has been added as the response remains the same. Check out this Galaxy S8 screen protector from below.


While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now two years old, we have to give manufacturers full marks for continuing to support the device with screen protectors.

Our recommendations are some of the best available on the market, but many others to choose from. If you have a Galaxy S8 and want to protect it, let us know which of the above screen protectors you choose.

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