Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 only charge when turned off? If yes, then you stopped here on the very right page. Today, we are here to explore some unique and simple solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S7’s only charging when turned off.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is an excellent flagship by Samsung. From a powerful processor to healthy battery life, it offers everything under one roof. The huge battery of the phone lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge. But if you are one of the old users of the Samsung Galaxy S7, you face some charging-related issues with your device. Don’t panic because most of the users face the same problem.

We witnessed some complaints where users complained that their Samsung Galaxy S7 only charges when turned off. We compiled all the issues and found some unique and fabulous solutions to the charging problem in the Samsung Galaxy S7.

So, if you are in the same boat, just read our article further and get detailed information to fix charging-related issues. We prepared the necessary troubleshooting guide to fix the Samsung Galaxy S7 only charges when turned off issue. Let’s quickly dive into the main content below.

Charging Problems With Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Only Charges When Turned Off - FIXED!

Galaxy S7 Not Charging Properly

This is the most annoying problem faced by almost all Galaxy S7 users. The problem may arise because the charger is not connected properly. Due to this, the appropriate amount of current cannot pass between the charger and the device. So, always choose the best phone charger.

Galaxy S7 Charges Very Slowly

Of course, Samsung Galaxy S7 supports the fast charging feature. But the situation is very frustrating when the phone charger does not support fast charging or charges gradually. If there are dozens of apps on your phone, it may be the reason your phone charges slowly.

Galaxy S7 Drains Battery Instead of Charging

It is another common problem faced by users. They review that the device battery drains quickly, even if it is on charging. The problem may arise because of tons of apps on your device. Most of the apps run in the background and eat lots of your phone battery.

Those are the reviews of the common problems by the users. Now let’s quickly move towards the Samsung Galaxy S7 Only Charges When Turned Off issue’s solutions below.

Troubleshooting Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Only Charges When Turned Off

Check The Charging Port And The USB

If your phone usually responds but does not charge, the charger or the USB may be the culprit. First, you must check that the normal power passes to your device. If not, then clean the charger port with cotton. Maybe there are hurdles like dirt or lint that obstruct the cable.

Also, check the USB cable that it straightens, and there is no bent in it. If you notice any cable break, replace the old cable with the new one and check whether the Samsung Galaxy S7 Only Charges When Turned Off problem is solved.

Try Using a Different Charger

If you check both the charging port and the USB and ensure that both things are working correctly, then it’s time to review the fault in your charger. If your phone still refuses to charge, borrow the same charger from a friend or try a different charger.

Try Using A Wireless Charger

Before taking your phone to the service centre, the last try is to connect the phone to the wireless charger. And check whether the power passes or not. If so, then maybe the USB port or the battery may be the main culprit, or your phone faces a big hardware issue.

Try To Charge At Various Angles

This solution sounds weird, but sometimes it works well and solves the issue. You need to plug the device, hold the phone at certain angles, and check if it charges.

This solution helps if the USB port is loose. If you position your phone in the right direction, the cable may start receiving power.

Wrap Up

So, the troubleshooting guide ends for Galaxy S7 only charges when turned off. If the above solutions cannot work for you, then it may be a hardware issue.

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