Ah, AirPods Pro! The epitome of wireless earbuds that combine sleek design with primo sound quality. You’ve got ’em; I’ve got ’em; heck, even my grandma’s thinking of getting a pair.

But, let’s talk turkey for a second—those ear tips? Yeah, they’re not forever. You can’t escape the cruel inevitability of wear and tear.

Top Replacement Ear Tips for AirPods Pro

What is AirPods Pro?

These tiny wonders are Apple’s in-ear wireless earbuds, offering active noise cancellation, a customizable fit, and a premium listening experience. A true touch of tech luxury that you pop right into your ears.

What are Replacement Ear Tips?

Imagine this: You’ve just lost an ear tip or, worse, you notice the rubber’s ageing faster than a sunbathing celeb. Enter replacement ear tips. These are interchangeable pieces of silicone or foam designed to give your AirPods Pro a new lease on life.

Why Replace Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips?

If you’re constantly adjusting your earbuds or experiencing discomfort, it’s probably not your ear’s fault. Worn-out, grungy ear tips can mess with the noise-cancelling feature and affect the sound quality.

Best Replacement Ear Tips for AirPods Pro

Here’s my curated list of the best replacement ear tips based on material, fit, and price. Official Apple Store also sells replacement ear tips, but if you want to try some products with some additional features, make sure to check out below.

SpinFit CP360

So you’re eyeing the SpinFit CP360, huh? Smart choice. These are no ordinary ear tips. Made from medical-grade silicone, they’re a dream for sensitive skin, and the patented design moulds perfectly to your ear canals—like they’re custom-made. Plus, they’re compatible with most True Wireless Earbuds with a nozzle diameter of 4-5.5mm. Customer reviews? Off the charts. Audiophiles can’t get enough of them.

New SpinFit CP360 for True Wireless Earbuds - L/M - Medical Grade Silicone Patented Replacement Ear Tips, Fits XM5, Beats Studio Buds +, MTW3 & More (2 Pairs) (for Nozzle Diameter from 4-5.5mm)

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Now, for the not-so-rosy part. While their specialized design is great for True Wireless Earbuds, don’t expect these to fit just any earbud model. Some of you may still miss the cosy feel of foam tips, and let’s not sidestep the price—it’s premium. So weigh the high compatibility and comfort against the limited fit for older earbuds and the hit to your wallet.


  • Hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone
  • Custom-fit patented design
  • Broad compatibility
  • Stellar reviews


  • Limited to certain earbud models
  • No foam
  • Pricier

Foam Masters

Ready to treat your ears like royalty? Check out Foam Masters’ Memory Foam Ear Tips designed specifically for AirPods Pro 1st and 2nd Gen. Branded as “Black Magic Version 4.0,” these tips are crafted from ISO-9 memory foam.

Foam Masters Memory Foam Ear Tips for AirPods Pro 1st & 2nd Gen | 3 Pairs | New Version 4.0 - Black Magic | Comfortable | Secure | Better Noise Cancellation | Replacement Buds (Assorted S/M/L, Black)

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They offer an ergonomic design based on feedback from over a thousand users of previous versions. What sets them apart is the ISO-9 foam, which provides a blend of comfort, durability, and sweat resistance, all while boosting your buds’ sound quality.


  • Ultra-comfy ISO-9 foam
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Multiple sizes


  • Limited compatibility
  • One colour option
  • Premium price


Looking to keep your AirPods Pro snug and sound? Consider these replacement ear tips by YUWAKAYI. Engineered for AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, they come with noise reduction holes that almost mirror the original design, ensuring optimal noise-cancellation.

[3 Pairs] Replacement Ear Tips for Airpods Pro and Airpods Pro 2nd Generation with Noise Reduction Hole, Silicone Ear Tips for Airpods Pro with Portable Storage Box and Fit in The Charging Case(S/M/L)

$9.99  in stock
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But that’s not all; these tips boast a built-in dust guard screen for added protection. Crafted from high-quality silicone, they come in three sizes (S/M/L), ensuring a fit for everyone. An added perk? A storage box that keeps your extra tips safe and sound.


  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Built-in dust guard
  • Multiple sizes
  • Storage box included


  • Only compatible with AirPods Pro series
  • Limited to white colour
  • No premium materials

Comply Foam

Swap out those silicone tips for Comply’s Foam Ear Tips, specifically designed for Apple AirPods Pro Gen 1 & 2. Say goodbye to ear discomfort; these tips are made from body-heat-activated memory foam that shapes itself to your ear, ensuring an unshakeable, all-day fit.

Comply Foam Ear Tips for Apple AirPods Pro Generation 1 & 2, Ultimate Comfort| Unshakeable Fit| Assorted S/M/L, 3 Pairs

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Not just about comfort, these foam tips also enhance your audio experience, blocking external noise and elevating sound quality. They come in an assortment of colours and three sizes—Small, Medium, and Large—to cater to all ear shapes.

Elevate your AirPods Pro experience with these foam tips; they’re like a plush pillow for your ears that also happens to dial up your audio game. Do you fit issues with your current tips? These could solve it in a foam heartbeat.


  • Ultra-comfortable memory foam
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Multiple colour options
  • Secure in-ear fit


  • Limited device compatibility
  • Short lifespan (2-3 months average)
  • Potential fit issues (as noted in some reviews)

Lanwow Premium

Got it, let’s jump right into it then. Lanwow’s Premium Memory Foam Tips are a revelation for AirPods Pro users. These little gems use ultra-premium memory foam to give your ears a snug and cosy experience.

Forget about the annoying pain caused by silicone tips; these babies are all about comfort. They even come with a built-in noise-reduction net to enhance your sound quality. Plus, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to fit them into your charging case—these tips slide right in, with no hassle.

Lanwow Premium Memory Foam Tips for AirPods Pro. No Silicone Eartips Pain. Anti-Slip Eartips. Fit in The Charging Case, 3 Pairs (S/M/L, Black)

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Now, on the flip side, nothing is perfect. These foam tips can wear out a bit faster than a teenager’s attention span—think 100 hours of use. Cleaning them also appears to be a gripe among users, akin to removing glitter after a craft project. But all things considered, if your quest is for ear comfort and quality sound, Lanwow has got your back—or should I say, your ears.


  • Ultra-comfortable memory foam
  • Noise-reduction net enhances sound
  • Easy fit into AirPods Pro charging case


  • Degrade after around 100 hours
  • Somewhat tricky to clean

Benefits of Using Replacement Ear Tips

First off, new tips give you a cleaner audio experience. You won’t realize how much grime affects your beloved Bob Dylan tracks until you hear them through fresh ear tips. Secondly, replacement tips can enhance comfort.

You don’t want your ears to feel like they’ve run a marathon by the end of the day, do you? Last but not least, they extend the lifespan of your AirPods Pro. Why buy new earbuds when you can invest a fraction in just the tips?

Types of Replacement Ear Tips

Silicone Ear Tips

You might call these the “Jack-of-all-trades” in the ear tip world. They offer a balanced fit and moderate noise isolation. But beware, excessive sweat can turn them into slippery little devils.

Foam Ear Tips

Ahhh, the memory foam of the ear-tip universe. These bad boys adapt to the shape of your ear canal. If you’re a fan of cushiony comfort and better noise isolation, foam’s the word.

Comply Ear Tips

Meet the aristocrats of the ear tip family. Comply ear tips are premium foam tips that offer superior comfort and noise isolation. Yes, they might require you to break open the piggy bank, but it’s all in the name of auditory bliss.

Other Types

You’ll also find hybrid ear tips—silicone coated with foam, rubberized options, and even double-flanged designs. Each boasts unique perks and quirks, so read up before you take the plunge.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Ear Tips

Consider the Material

Silicone is durable and easy to clean, but if you want the zenith of comfort, go for foam. The material choice affects not just comfort but also sound quality and noise isolation.

Consider the Size

Not all ears are created equal. Ear tips generally come in small, medium, and large sizes. A snug fit ensures optimal performance, so choose wisely.

Consider the Fit

A great fit is like a tender hug for your ear canals, affecting sound quality and comfort. Check out tips that have a secure but non-restrictive fit.

Consider the Price

You don’t have to remortgage your house for a pair of ear tips. Silicone is generally cheaper, but if you crave the crème de la crème of auditory experience, foam is worth every cent.

How to Replace Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips

Step-by-Step Instructions

Let’s cut to the chase. Replacing your AirPods Pro ear tips is as simple as ABC. Pull off the existing ear tip, aim for a gentle but firm tug, and snap the new one on. Presto, you’re good to go!

Tips for Getting a Good Fit

Don’t settle for an “it’s okay, I guess” fit. Rotate the ear tip once it’s on to ensure it’s fully seated. Do the shake test—bob your head around a bit. If they stay put, you’re golden.

How to Care for Your AirPods Pro Ear Tips

Maintenance is no Herculean task. For silicone tips, a quick rinse and wipe-down suffice. Foam tips prefer gentle cleaning with a damp cloth. The key is to clean them regularly to avoid buildup of earwax or debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my ear tips?
Generally, every six to twelve months or when you notice wear or reduced performance.

Are third-party ear tips safe?
Provided you choose a reputable brand.

Can I mix and match different types of ear tips?
You can, but it might lead to an uneven listening experience.


There you have it, an exhaustive guide to refreshing those tiny cushions for your ears. Whether it’s silicone, foam, or a high-end option like Comply, the choice is yours to make. Make your pick based on comfort and durability.

Ready to give your AirPods Pro the makeover they deserve? Trust me, your ears will thank you.

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