A popular Micro SD card maker PNY is all set to reveal its own spacious Micro SD card with 512 GB. A well-known US manufacturer has already unveiled earlier this year. Now, it is ready to reveal at the Computex 2018. The storage capacity is a huge 512 GB. This SD card is a UHS-I U1 and V10-rated product. PNY promises high writing speeds of up to 90 MB/s.

PNY to Reveal a PNY Elite 512 GB Micro SD card- theandroidportal.com

As the PNY Elite Micro SD card has 512 GB space, the price is also expected to be something more than affordable. On the official site of PNY, you can see that it has a price tag of US $349.99. The same PNY product will be available in the UK with a price tag of £330 (GBP). The price may not be affordable, but compared to the features, it is proper.

What do you think about the storage capacity of this PNY Elite 512 GB micro SD card? It can store up to 100K pictures each of 18 MP size. Regarding the video storage, it will let you store Full HD Videos for up to 80 hours. It will easily be compatible with a wide range of devices that can support 512 GB micro SD card. You will also have an adapter to use in the DSLR.

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