We have already talked about MX Player in our previous posts. We all know that MX Player is a popular media player app that provides a seamless way to enjoy videos on your Amazon FireStick device.

no sound on mx player firestick

However, encountering issues like no sound can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your favourite content. Believe me, you are not alone!

If you’re facing an audio problem, several factors could be causing the lack of audio. In this article, we’ll explore potential reasons for no sound on MX Player and provide solutions to help you resolve the issue.

Possible Reasons for No Sound on MX Player:

  1. Audio Output Settings: Your FireStick’s audio output settings could be misconfigured, leading to no sound on the MX Player.
  2. Volume Settings: The volume settings on either your FireStick or the MX Player app may be set too low or muted.
  3. Playback Issues: Sometimes, certain video files or codecs might not be compatible with MX Player, resulting in no audio playback.
  4. App Glitches: Like any app, MX Player might encounter glitches that affect its functionality, including audio output.
  5. External Devices: If you’re using external speakers or audio devices, connectivity issues might cause no sound.

Why is there no sound on my MX Player on FireStick?

Check FireStick Audio Settings

The audio settings on your Amazon FireStick control how audio is delivered to your TV or connected devices.

Follow these steps to check Firestick audio settings:

  • Navigate to FireStick’s settings and select “Display & Sound.
  • Now Go to “Audio” and check the audio output settings.

Make sure it’s set to the correct device, like your TV or external speakers.

Correct audio settings ensure sound is directed to the right device. Misconfigurations could cause no sound issues on MX Player.

By following the above steps, you can resolve audio problems and enhance your viewing experience.

Try Different Videos

Play different videos to determine if the issue is specific to one video file. If other videos have sound, then there is an issue with the video you are playing.


Video files can be encoded using various audio codecs, and not all codecs are supported by all media players, including MX Player.

If the lack of audio is observed only for certain videos, it’s a strong indicator that the issue lies with those specific video files.

In such cases, it’s not a problem with the MX Player app itself, but rather the compatibility between the video’s audio codec and the app.

Clear MX Player Cache

The cache in the MX Player app consists of temporary files that are stored to enhance the app’s performance and load times. Over time, these cached files can accumulate and potentially lead to various issues, including audio-related problems like no sound.

Clearing the MX Player’s cache can often resolve such issues by starting fresh and removing any corrupted or outdated data.

Here’s how you can clear the cache of the MX Player app on your Amazon FireStick:

  • Go to FireStick’s “Settings“, > “Applications,”  >” Manage Installed Applications.
  • Find “MX Player” from the list & clear its cache.

Now Restart your MX Player and see if the sound is restored or not.

Reinstall MX Player

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, consider uninstalling and reinstalling MX Player. This can often resolve app-related issues.

Check External Devices

If you’re using external audio devices like connecting your TV with Bluetooth speaker, ensure they’re properly connected and powered on. If you’re using external speakers, soundbars, or other audio equipment to enhance your viewing experience, issues with these devices could be causing the lack of audio.

Test the audio output with other apps to confirm if the issue is MX Player-specific.

Update MX Player

Make sure you’re using the latest version of MX Player. Outdated versions might have compatibility issues.

App updates often include improvements and bug fixes that can address issues like no sound. If the lack of audio is due to a known bug, the developers might have released an update to specifically address that problem.

By updating MX Player to the latest version, you ensure that you’re using the most optimized and bug-free version of the app.


Experiencing no sound on MX Player while using your FireStick can be frustrating, but it’s a problem with potential solutions.

By checking your settings, adjusting volume levels, and exploring different videos, you can often identify and resolve the underlying issue.

If the problem persists, consider clearing the app cache, reinstalling MX Player, or testing with different playback devices. By following these steps, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy your favourite videos with clear audio on your FireStick using MX Player.

We hope this article has cleared all your doubts and fixed your MX player sound issue permanently. Do share your thoughts about our expert solution in the comments below.

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