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Micro SIM VS Nano SIM – Difference Between Micro SIM & Nano SIM

Last Updated On: September 24, 2016

Do you know difference between Micro SIM & Nano SIM? Check out Micro SIM Vs Nano SIM from this article.The SIM card is one of the components which is really useful whenever you are using smartphone device. The full form of SIM card is Subscriber Identity Module card. As we all know that, the SIM card is useful while making a call or receiving a call. The SIM card is an integrated circuit which safely saved data to certify and identify the international subscribers.

Every SIM card comes with its own unique serial number. Nowadays, SIM cards are very popular with some types like Nano SIM, Micro SIM, and Mini SIM. But, most of the people have a query regarding the what is the difference between Micro SIM VS Nano SIM.

When first time the SIM card was introduced, it was a standard size of it. But, the current SIM cards are coming with the smaller size than the ago. Because of the change in SIM card size, currently, SIM cards have known as Nano SIM and Micro SIM. These changes in SIM cards has been due to the latest design of the smartphone devices. So now, we are going to discussing the difference between Micro SIM and Nano SIM.

Difference Between Micro SIM VS Nano SIM :

The Micro SIM card is a cut version of a regular SIM card. The size of Micro SIM card is smaller than the Mini SIM card or Regular SIM card. The usage of the Micro SIM card is become popular due to the smaller size. The Micro SIM card saves some space on the smart device. It also permits the manufacturer to install some other components in the device. All the smart users are rich familiar with this latest size of SIM cards.

Micro SIM Vs Nano SIM
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One step ahead from the Micro SIM, the Nano SIM cards are smaller than the Micro SIM. The Nano SIM cards are the common thing in the latest smart devices. But, the Nano SIM does not get popularity like Micro SIM, because it is used in latest devices only.

Some users are also get confused that Nano SIM is the same as a Micro SIM. So, for those users, we would like to inform you that there is some difference between both the cards. It means the Nano SIM is not same as a Micro SIM cards. The main difference is about the size. The size is the main difference by which people can easily recognize whether it is Nano or Micro SIM card.

We hope that you should get an answer regarding the query of what is the difference between Micro SIM VS Nano SIM. Do let us know your views on the comment section below.

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