Do you own an LG G8? If so then I have good news for you. Many of you are claiming that it is challenging to find the best screen protector. Don’t worry anymore because in this article I am going to tell you about the best screen protectors you need to purchase for your Lg G8 smartphone.

LG G8 is one of the most sophisticated smartphones in the market launched by LG. It has made with the best smartphone technology such as the:

    • Hand vein recognition
    • OLED speaker

The above features are rare in most of the smartphones in the market. That’s why you need to have a screen protector in order to prevent your phone from screen damage. They are readily available and high-quality. In addition, they are affordable and are of different types.

Popular Screen Protectors Bands

If you have been looking for LG G8 screen protectors there are many types and manufactured by different companies such as:

Shield – This is a US-based screen protector company. They are known to be one of the best LG G8 screen protector manufacturers.

LK – One of the leading screen protector manufacturers. LK is known to produce high-quality screen protectors for smartphones more especially LG G8.

SuperShieldz – They are known to produce quality and affordable products in the market. They are based in Philadelphia, US.

Somi – This is a screen protector manufacturing company known to produce quality products for their customers.

Other companies produce screen protectors but will introduce them in this article.

How to get rid of air bubbles in glass screen protector

When applying a glass screen protector, you should ensure there are no air bubbles on the screen left. Here is some important point to remember while applying glass screen protector:

  • Clean the mobile screen with a soft cloth
  • Apply the screen protector from one edge
  • Gently move it to another edge and it will stick automatically

If you still see the air bubble on the screen, you may follow this guide to fix this.

Best LG G8 Screen Protectors

The following are some of the best LG G8 screen protectors you can find in Amazon. This is because they are highly preferred by many customers.

Therefore, don’t go searching for other shopping sites. Amazon is the best place for you.

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Mr. Shield

Manufactured by Mr. Shield this is one of the best screen protectors you can purchase for your LG G8. It is made with precise and high-quality.

[3-Pack]- Mr.Shield for LG G8 ThinQ [Tempered Glass] Screen Protector [Japan Glass with 9H Hardness] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty


  • Has a 99.99% high-definition clarity and an accurate touchscreen.
  • Comes with three tempered pieces.
  • Protects your LG G8 from high-impact drops and scratches
  • It comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Has curved edges.

This screen protector is easy to install & when you purchase this screen protector for your LG G8 it comes with a dust collector and cleaning cloth.

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LK [3 Pack] Screen Protector

This screen protector fits suitably with your LG G8. It is made of military-grade thermoplastic urethane. This material is known to be the best in absorbing impact. Furthermore, when you purchase it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

LK [3 Pack] Screen Protector for LG G8 ThinQ, [Full Coverage] [HD Clear] [Case-Friendly] Bubble-Free with Lifetime Replacement Warranty


  • High-definition screen protector
  • Resistant to UV light, scratches, and punctures.
  • It covers your screen fully.
  • Has a smooth texture

Before you install it to your device you need to watch a video of how to install it. This LK screen protector is affordable that you can purchase one for yourself.

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This screen protector by TopACE is specifically made for LG G8 smartphone. It is elegant and is very essential for your phone. It covers your phones screen maximumly.

TopACE Bye Bye Bubble Premium Quality Tempered Glass 0.3mm Full Cover Screen Protector Compatible for LG G8 ThinQLG Alpha (Black)


  • It has a 99% clarity which makes the visual experience even better.
  • Resistant to scratches
  • It absorbs high-impact.
  • If it breaks the pieces don’t spill and they are not sharp.
  • It is easy to install.

This exquisite product by TopACE is what you need for your LG G8. So, don’t go looking for other screen protectors this is among the best you can purchase for your phone.

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Purchasing a high-quality screen-protector for your LG G8 is what is more important now more than anything. That’s why you need a SuperShieldz 2-pack tempered screen protector. It is among a variety of screen protectors you need to choose from.

[2 Pack] Supershieldz for LG G8 ThinQ Tempered Glass Screen Protector, [Full Cover] [3D Curved Glass] Anti-Scratch, Bubble Free, Lifetime Replacement (Black)


  • It is made with adhesives that prevent the formation of bubbles during installation.
  • Has a 99.99% high-definition clarity and maintains the touch experience.
  • Sweat-resistant as its coating is made of hydrophobic and oleophobic material.
  • It has round edges.
  • It comes with a lifetime replacing warranty.

Installing supershieldz screen protector is quite easy, you can even follow installation guide to install a screen protector on your mobile phone. You are able to purchase this screen protector using the below link. Don’t worry about installation it is very easy.

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Are you looking for a screen protector for your LG G8? If so, look no further because AVIDET has made an outstanding product just for you. This is a screen protector that every LG G8 user need to buy.

AVIDET LG G8 ThinQ Screen Protector,[Anti-Scratch][Case Friendly] LG G8 ThinQ Tempered Glass Premium Screen Protector Compatible for LG G8 ThinQLG Alpha(2 Pack)


  • The installation process is very easy.
  • Has a 0.3 mm thickness which improves its touch and visual experience.
  • Has a 9H hardness hence absorbs high impact and its scratch resistant.
  • Comes with a one alcohol prep pad, dry cloth, dust absorption sticker, and two screen protectors.
  • Has a lifetime warranty

You can purchase this high-quality screen protector for your smartphone using below link. In addition, you can contact customer care if you need help when installing.

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This is one of the best screen protectors that fit well with your LG G8. This is because of its lightweight. This screen protector by Thinkart is long lasting and the material used to make absorbs impact when it drops.

LG G8 ThinQ Case Thinkart Frosted Shield Luxury Slim Design for LG G8 ThinQLG Alpha Phone (Black)


  • Has drop, scratch, non-slip, and dust protection
  • High-quality clarity
  • It provides you with a good touchscreen experience.

You can purchase this screen protector from the below link to the purchase page. Once you purchase this be assured that it will fully protect your phone’s screen when it drops and it lasts for a long time.

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If you have been looking for a screen protector for your LG G8 then you need to stop. For me, this is one of the best screen protectors you can purchase from Amazon.

Qoosea Compatible with LG G8 ThinQ Screen Protector [2 Pack] Ultra-Thin 2.5D 9H Anti Scratch Hardness Crystal HD Clear Scratch Resistant Tempered Glass Film for LG G8 ThinQ


  • The screen protector coating is made of hydrophobic and oleophobic material which are sweat resistant.
  • Made with tempered glass which has a 9H hardness.
  • It has a high-definition clarity.
  • Easy to install.
  • It has a 0.23 mm thickness.

It comes with two tempered glass protectors, an alcohol prep pad, and dust removal tape. When you purchase this screen protector it comes with a six-month warranty.

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This screen protector is only made for LG G8 smartphones. It is one of the best you can find on Amazon. It is very affordable and high-quality.

LG G8 Thinq Screen Protector, AINOYA [Full Coverage] [Bubble-Free] [HD Clear] Screen Protector for Samsung LG G8 Thinq


  • Has a 99.9% transparency hence provides clear visual experience.
  • Long-lasting and resistant to scratch.
  • It comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, alcohol pad, and dust remover.

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This is a high-quality screen protector you can purchase for your LG G8. So, look no further because this is among the very best. It has the best features you have been looking for in a glass screen protector.



  • Water and oil resistant screen protector
  • It is made with a resilient material which absorbs high impact
  • It has a thickness of 0.33 mm. This helps in screen touch sensitivity.
  • Easy to install.

You are able to get this screen protector in Amazon using the below link.

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When you are considering a screen protector you can purchase for your LG G8 you need to put this in mind. It is among the best in the market.

LG G8 ThinQ Screen Protector + Brushed Aluminum Full Body, Skinomi TechSkin Brushed Aluminum Film for LG G8 ThinQ with Anti-Bubble Clear Film Screen


  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • It is durable
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Has an outstanding design

If you find difficulty to install it

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Here in this article, we have listed some of the best screen protectors for your LG G8 mobile phone.

Have you ever used any of those screen protectors on your device? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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