The IRCTC is an India’s largest online portal of Indian Railways, and now the IRCTC has got an all new user-interface along with few other features. This all new user-interface is more simple and convenient than before. And it also allows you to find trains between two stations without any login details, that means, the new user-interface of this IRCTC website allows you to find trains without having to log in to your account. Unlike the before, this is more easy and convenient feature for all.

IRCTC’s New Website: All New Look and Features 1

There are many other features also included in this new version of this IRCTC website. In which, you will find a change text size, book cab, all new dashboard, new search filters, waitlist predication, etc. After we have tried it on multiple devices, the all-new version of IRCTC website is fully optimized for all the devices such as Android, Windows, iPhone, etc.

To visit on the new version of IRCTC website, you have to click on a “Try New Version of Website” button, which you can find the top left side of Old IRCTC website. This is the trial beta version, and it will last for 15 days. And the Indian Railways has also asked users for their useful suggestions and feedbacks so that they can improve their website more conveniently.

Top new features that you will get on a new version of IRCTC website:

Here, below we have mentioned about the few new features of the new version of IRCTC website:

Find Trains and Check Seats Without Log-in

This is the most useful feature for all the users who are using the IRCTC website to book train tickets. With this feature on new IRCTC website, all the users will now easily be able to search and enquire for a train and can also check the availability of seats without login. This feature is a timesaver for all the users.

Different Font Sizes

Yes, on the new version of IRCTC website, you can also be able to change the size of the fonts easily. For the comfortable viewing experience, the new version of IRCTC website has put the Change Font Size features, so that every user can easily change the font size.

Service Filters

The All-New look of IRCTC website also helps while planning your journeys. The Service Filter interface allows you to find the best suitable service for you. Here, you will find a different option such as Flights, Stay, Cab, etc. And with the new interface, you will easily be able to find your suitable service without any problem.

New filters

On the new version of IRCTC website, the Indian railways have also added the new filters that allow you to filter on “My Transactions,” and in which, you will find a different new filter to view booked tickets based on Booking Date, Journey Date, Upcoming Journey and Completed journey.

Waitlist prediction

On the new version of IRCTC website, you will also find a Waitlist prediction (CNF Probability) feature that allows you to check the probability of a Waitlisted or RAC ticket getting confirmed.

New Color Scheme

There is also a new color scheme on a new version of IRCTC website, which allows the users to modify the journey details on the journey planner page so that the user can easily book tickets.
Advanced Reservation Period

The all-new look of IRCTC website also comes with a facility called Advanced Reservation Period, which allows the users to find out the availability up to the entire Advance Reservation Period. And the Advance Reservation Period is 120 days at present, which for a few trains.

There are many other features available on new interface of IRCTC website, and the all-new look brings numbers of new functions such as an improved interface for cancellation of tickets, printing of tickets, etc. With the new interface of IRCTC website, the user can also request for an additional SMS. The all new Interface of IRCTC website also put the “Vikalp” option, so that users can easily select alternative trains.

If still, you have not tried the new interface of IRCTC website, then visit and try out the all-new interface of new IRCTC website. As we have mentioned above, this is the beta version of existing IRCTC website. After the 15 days of trial and getting feedback from users, Indian Railways will replace the old interface of IRCTC e-ticketing portal with the new look and features soon.

For more info, stay tuned!

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