If your old HTC One M8 battery is draining fast and you want to replace your HTC smartphone’s battery, here is the way you can replace your M8 HTC batteries easily. Check out the steps below on how to easily change the HTC One battery.

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How to change the battery HTC One M8

Step 1: First of all, You have to switch off your HTC One M8 smartphone by pressing the Power button

Step 2: Now you have to remove the SIM card tray and SD card tray from your phone.

Step 3: Remove both Speaker covers using a heat gun

Step 4: After removing the speaker’s covers, Unscrew two screws on the top and four screws on HTC Battery Replacement servicethe bottom

Step 5: now you have to open the rear LCD case from the phone, But there are many keys and connectors along every side so remove the LCD case carefully

Step 6: After removing the LCD case from the body housing, remove all connectors from the motherboard (remove all of the connectors from the motherboard)

Step 7: After removing all connectors and plugs, you have to unscrew four screws on the motherboard

Step 8: Now, you have to remove the battery carefully from the LCD case

Step 10: Now replace the HTC One M8 battery.

Once you change your HTC M8 battery, your problem of the HTC One M8 battery draining fast will be resolved.

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