With internet-connected devices available today, watching or listening to something while you work is relatively easy. You can even do it with a single-screen PC or laptop, thanks to Chrome’s picture-in-picture (PiP) mode.

How To Use Picture-In-Picture With Google Chrome?

How To Use Picture-In-Picture With Google Chrome

What Is Picture-In-Picture In Chrome?

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is a feature in Chrome that allows you to watch videos in a separate window from the main browser window. PiP mode is helpful when you want to watch a video while continuing to browse or work in another window.

This means you can play a YouTube video in the lower corner of the screen while working or playing in the main window. It’s not just for entertainment. It can be helpful if you’re trying to know how to do something on your computer without pausing and minimizing the video to do it.

Update Chrome To Support Picture-In-Picture

To start using PiP, you must run Chrome 70 or later. Chrome should update automatically, but if, for some reason, it doesn’t, you should see an arrow in the upper right crossroad of the screen. Select it, then choose Update Google Chrome to update.

To confirm that you’re using version 70 or higher, select the three-dot menu icon in the upper right crossroad, then go to Help; About Google Chrome. You will then be taken to a page detailing your browser’s version number.

Open A Floating Pip Window In Chrome

Once you’re sure you’re using the latest version of the Chrome browser, you can take full advantage of PiP mode.

1. Use “Chrome” to navigate the video you want to play in PiP mode.

2. Right-click the video, then select “Picture-in-Picture” from the displayed menu. If it’s a YouTube video, right-click it twice. Some video streaming sites will also offer a PiP button that you can use instead.

3. The video will appear in its window, floating ahead of everything else. You can select and carry it to where you want it to be and select and drag one of the borders to resize the window.

However, some control is lost in PiP mode. While you can pause and play the video, you can’t adjust its volume or navigate the timeline as you can in the main video window. If you want to make such changes, use the original video window. The only difference is that changes are made within the PiP window.

4. If you want to go back to the standard browsing window, hover over the PiP video and select the X in the upper right corner to close it. The video will pause and can be viewed again in the original browser window. Alternatively, close the original video tab, and it will also close the PiP video.

Enable Picture-In-Picture On Chrome Os

If you’re using a Chromebook or Chrome OS 2-in-1 like Google’s new Pixel Slate, you’ll need to take a couple more steps to enjoy picture-in-picture video:

1. Go to the “Chrome extension store.”

2. Use the search box for “Picture in Picture.”

3. Search for an extension called Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google).

4. Click “Add to Chrome.”

5. Click “Add Extension.”

6. Find a video you want to watch.

7. Click the “Picture-in-Picture” icon on the Chrome toolbar. The video will appear and continue to play as long as several programs are open.

Important Note: You must have the original video tab open in Chrome to view it in Picture-in-Picture.

People Also Ask Questions

How Do I Activate Picture-In-Picture?

Enable PiP apps on Android

1. Open “configuration.”

2. Tap “Apps notifications.”

3. Go to “Advanced Special app access.”

4. Select “Picture in Picture.”

5. Choose an app from the list.

6. Tap the Allow Picture-in-Picture switch to “enable PiP.”

Does Picture-In-Picture Still Exist?

To this day, PIP is still an option on some TV lines. Today there are a variety of popular TV brands using the PIP option and even the multi-view option, which allows not only multi-channel sources but also multi-input, including web sources, DVDs, and USB.

What Apps Work With Picture-In-Picture?

Using PiP on Android, iOS, and iPad, most video apps do this, including Disney Plus, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV. The YouTube app for these smartphone operating systems also supports PiP, but only for YouTube Premium subscribers.


That’s all! You should now know how to use picture-in-picture on any web page. This feature will work for most videos, but you may find some older players that don’t support it. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to fix this.

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