It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re trying to read your mobile screen and you can’t because you’ve got a huge glare on your screen. That’s why we like to share our article about how to protect eyes from mobile screen glare.

Whether watching a movie or playing a video game on your phone, it’s easy to become addicted to your screens. In reality, you are ruining your vision in the long run. This is because we are exposing ourselves to the bright light of our screens too often and for too long.

Many of us don’t realize that screens can damage our vision, so it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself and your eyes.

How to protect your eyes from mobile screens

Many people spend a lot of time on their cell phones. This can be a great thing but also detrimental to your eyes. You should be aware of the dangers of looking at a screen for long periods and how to protect your eyes from mobile screens.

Apply blue light filter

Whether you are using your mobile while outside or inside, you must protect your eyes from the blue light emitted from the screen. You can find several blue light filter apps on the Google Play Store that will help you.

The blue light filters are designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, which can cause eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

Use Auto-Brightness

There are many ways to protect your eyes from the effects of mobile screens. E.g., You can make your phone use auto-brightness, and it will automatically adjust your display brightness according to the light exposure on the screen.

Protect Eyes from Mobile Screens

However, some people are not satisfied with the auto-brightness of their screens. They may insist on having a low-light screen filter. In these cases, it is best to have a screen filter that is compatible with low-light screens.

Use Antiglare screen protectors

Screen protectors do not only protect your mobile phone from accidental scratches, but they can also protect your eyes.

Several types of screen protectors available in the market are used for multipurpose. E.g., a Privacy screen protector can protect your display and keep your screen invisible from the person just sitting beside you. So you can see your screen, but the person beside you can not.

Likewise, Antiglare screen protectors that come with non-reflective coating crumb the reflective nature of the display. It helps, especially when light sources are right behind or over your head.

Keep Distance

This is the most important DIY step that anyone can follow. If you habitually hold your phone too close to your eyes, your eyes have a higher chance of eye-related problems. According to, you should keep your phones at least 1 foot away to minimize eye strain.

Get a blue light filter glasses

You may find several eyewear brands in the market that offer spectacles with antireflective glass or even blue light filter glass that will greatly help your eyes.

If you have routine work on the desk or mobile phone, you could consider getting photochromic lenses to reduce the exposure to blue light.

Enable Dark Mode

Various apps like Instagram, Google Docs, YouTube, WhatsApp, Chrome, Google Photos, etc., offer dark mode features, which are quite helpful while surfing or reading on mobile at night.


We hope these useful tips on how you can protect your eyes from the mobile screen have helped you.

Do let us know how you protect your eyes from the harmful effects of mobile displays. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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