I know about this problem when a user is facing this problem at that time they restart their phone. Many users are facing this issue, when you are updating your device, you get this error saying that “Android is starting optimizing app 1 of 1” or something like this. You will see the loading screen and apps name one by one on the popup of your screen.

Fix Starting Optimizing Apps on Android
This problem occurs whenever you update your smartphone’s firmware. Once the installation is completed, your device will be restarted. You will see this screen at that time.

What does optimization mean?

When you upgrade or update your Android and you are booting up your Android, it says Optimizing apps. It makes your apps run faster and the update to be applied on particular apps, security, or systems on your device.

When you install or update any APK file on your device, it’s not stored directly. It’s first converted into something called an “index” file, “dex” stands for Dalvik EXecutable & “codex” stands for Optimized Dalvik EXecutable.

When you see optimizing apps, basically your Android OS generates “odex” files for your apps from scratch. To make it simple, odex files can improve your booting time & launching time for your apps.

Leave the upgrading OS solution; we have some other ideas available for solving your phone problem; there are as below.

Fixing Android Is Starting Optimizing Apps Issue

When you update or upgrade your Android OS, you will see this notice when you boot your device for the first time. But if you are frequently seeing this optimization screen, it’s a problem. You can follow the steps to fix the issue on your device.

To solve the “Android is Starting Optimizing App x of xxx” message, follow the below tricks. 

Wipe Cache partition

  • Switch off the smartphone and wait till you see the blank screen.
  • Then, press and hold the Volume Down Key and Power Key at the same time for 3-4 seconds.
  • From the given menu, you can have an option of Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • By using the Volume Down key, go there. And, to proceed ahead, select it using the Power key.
  • Wait until the completion of the process.
  • After that, you will again have some options that you had previously in the third step.
  • Here, the first option of Reboot System Now is highlighted with a blue light.
  • To select it, just press the Power key and wait till the phone starts.

Now, you may not see the issue that usually you see. If still, the issue comes, then you can observe that it does not take much time to optimize the apps. So, these are the benefits of the Wipe Data/Factory Reset process.

This process depends on your phone’s applications. If you installed more apps on your phone then the process takes more time. But after completing booting it all apps work for optimizing.

Remove the SD card and reinsert it

When the above method does not work, try with this method to solve your problem.

This is an easy and best way of solving your problem. First, remove the SD card from your phone. Because there are many applications installed on your phone’s SD card. Which helps solve the optimization problem and our phone starts again usually.

After completing a process, the device gets booted. Now insert an SD card and move the app from internal storage into the SD card. Now, I hope your problem has been solved. If your problem is not solved then see the next solution to your phone problem

Factory reset

We have a last for solving your problem. Do a factory reset on your device but first, take a backup of your all data because if you don’t take a backup of your data, your data will be lost. For the factory reset see the below steps,

  • Hold and press the power button and volume down button until the logo is seen on your Android screen
  • Now use the volume button and select the Wipe data/Factory Reset option
  • Here, you have to confirm the factory reset
  • Now wait until your phone deletes the entire content
  • Now, press the power button
  • At last, wait until the phone reboots where you can see the setup screen

Here, we saw the factory reset option for solving your phone problem. Now, we hope your phone‘s problem is solved.


Finally, I want to ask one question, the above methods help solve your phone’s problem? I hope the problem is solved and now you are freely using your phone. This types of case come in a very rare case, so not much to worry about.

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