Most of Android smartphone users are facing the country location issue on Google Play Store during downloading any app or game from Google Play Store. But by using the below-mentioned trick, you can also download country banned apps from the Google Play Store in your country that completely banned in your location. As you will be able to change the country from your Google Play store in a few easy steps.

Read this article further to know, how you can download apps from Google Play Store which is unavailable in your country. On the Google Play Store, you will find them plenty of games that blocked banned in your country. That you want to try it or play it but not able to do so, just because that specified app is not available in your country.

All you need to do is just change your country location in Google Play Store. For this, you can use either VPN to change Google Play country or directly use Play Store option if you are able to see it on your play store account settings.

In the first method, you can see the direct option available in the Play Store to change your country, but the problem is that this option is not available for everyone. But you can follow the steps to see Country & profiles option on your Play Store.

For this, you will have to use VPN apps on your device, that change your device’s IP address and you can have IP from other countries you want to browse from. The VPN App allows you to change or spoof your current location with other location.

How To Change Play Store Country

If you are looking for how to change the country in android phone, or in your Google Play store account? Your search ended here, as you will get a complete guide to change region in your play store by following these steps.

Change Country from Google Play Store Setting

This option isn’t available in everyone’s device, but previously if you have visited any other countries or used to browse from another country’s IP address using VPN, you will be able to see this option to change your country directly from your Google Play Store account setting.

Change Play Store Region -

First of All, Open your Google Play Store > Account > Country and Profiles > Select your country you wish to change.

change google play store region -

Note: You should note that you will need to update your payment method on Google Play store when you change your country from it. Also, You will not be able to change your country from Google Play store for 365 days after you do it & you will start seeing the currency of your updated country from next 24-48 working hours. So make sure you follow the steps properly.

What if You Don’t See Country change option in Play Store

Country changing option in the play store is not enabled for everyone. But you can make it visible, by making use of VPN. Once you use a VPN and browse from other countries, open your Play Store.

You can use any FREE or Paid VPN apps for android that will work for this. Just Open your VPN and change your country from there. So you will get a new IP address from your selected country. Here in this post, we will take an example from Turbo VPN which is quite simple & easy to use.

Connecting Turbo VPN -

You can use any Paid or FREE VPN to change your play store country. You just need to connect to FREE VPN option and select any country you wish to browse from.

Turbo VPN connected -

It will start connecting and automatically connect you from your selected country. Once you connected with Turbo VPN, use your device for few minutes.

Now it’s time to clear cache and clear data for your Google Play Store. So that you will start seeing the country update option on your Play Store account. Do clear data & cache of play store, follow the steps listed below.

Clear Google play Store data

  • Go to Setting > Apps > All Apps > Google Play Store.
  • Select Clear Data Option & then Clear Cache Option

How To Change Play Store Country On Android 1

Once done, open your Google Play store menu and you will start seeing the option to change your play store country.

We hope that these all above-listed methods will work well on your smartphone and you will able to download the app from Google Play Store which is banned in your country.

Do share your comments, how do you change the country on your play store? Is it really necessary to change location on your smartphone?

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