Want to know how can you permanently delete my BestBuy account? Read this article further.

Best Buy is a US-based multinational consumer electronics retailer that sells all electronic devices. The company was initially founded in 1966. Deleting a Bestbuy account is very easy.

You need to go through the steps listed below, to choose whether you want to delete their account information or not. As long as they ensure all their information is gone before deleting the account, there shouldn’t be any problems with data theft or identity theft issues.

How Do I Permanently Delete My BestBuy Account?

How Do I Permanently Delete My BestBuy Account

How To Delete Your Best Buy Account?

There are several ways to delete your Best Buy account. Select the method that you find most appropriate from those shown below.

Delete Your Best Buy Account Via Email

You can delete your Best Buy account by contacting the customer service team via email and asking them to delete it. Follow the detailed procedure below to send them an account deletion request:

1: Open your “Best Buy account.”

2: Email Best Buy “Customer Service” at mybestbuy@bestbuy.com

3: Enter “Request to delete my account” as the subject of the email

4: In the body of the email, ask the customer support team to permanently delete your account and remove all your personal information from the platform. Include your identifying information, such as your email address or phone number.

5: Click “Submit” after you finish writing your email.

Depending on user traffic, it may take some time for the customer support team to get back to you.

So remember to be patient and wait for them to contact you. Once the delete account process is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you have any problems deleting your account, you will receive a follow-up email notifying you.

Cancel Your Best Buy Account By Calling Customer Service

You may cancel your account by contacting Best Buy directly at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) and giving your account details, such as your name, phone number, email address, etc., to verify your identity.

You can also ask the support team to send you an email confirming that your account has been permanently deleted.

Delete Your Best Buy Account Online

You can visit this online forum page to delete your account through a two-part process. First, you must log into your Best Buy account, as it’s the easiest way to verify your identity for security purposes. They will send you step-by-step instructions to verify your identity if they find your details.

After receiving the email or text message, you have 24 hours to complete the verification process and 14 days for the mail.

The verification process takes time for your security and private information, so please note that deleting your account may take some time.

Delete Your Best Buy Account Via Online Chat

You can also delete your account through Best Buy’s online chat feature. You can contact a representative by accessing this link and asking the agent to delete your account. Make sure you mention your name, phone number, or email address to verify your identity so they can proceed with the removal process.


Deleting your Best Buy account is simple, but remember how time-consuming it can be, as they need to verify your identity for security reasons. Remember that the decision to cancel or delete your account is permanent.

So you cannot reaccess your account once you have completed the deletion process through one of the options above.

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