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In today’s world, technology is too smart, and smartphones come with dozens of features. If we put down the graph in the previous years, we have noticed that users use a computer to transfer the data from one device to another. Or if our device runs out of storage, we use computers or card readers to connect and free up the device memory.

But in today’s era, when technology is too advanced, USB OTG switches the host and the device’s roles. USB OTG boosts the smartness of your phones to the next level. It allows users to easily access your files by plugging a USB flash drive into your phone. Moreover, it is a very convenient and easy way to transfer data.

What Is USB OTG?

USB OTG (on the go) is a simple specification that allows another device to read and write data from the USB device. Once you connect the USB device to your smartphone, the OTG works as a host and can easily be combined with other accessories like flash drives, a mouse, a camera, etc.

Well, all the android phones do not support this technology. However few phones support USB OTG technology, but users still face a lot of USB OTG problems on Android phones and tablets.

So, we are here to discuss USB OTG problems on Android that are faced by most Android users. Let’s quickly dive into the sections below:

A Guide To Fix USB OTG Problems On Android

How To Fix USB OTG Problems On Android

Always Check And Confirm Whether Your Device Supports OTG

As we discussed above, not all Android phones support USB OTG technology. Sometimes the issue is very frustrating when the USB OTG does not connect with our device. We do a lot of things to connect USB OTG with Android devices, but it fails to work.

The very first thing you keep in mind when you connect USB OTG with your device is whether your devices support USB OTG function or not. Please search for the appropriate specs and terms and check whether it supports this function or not. So, before giving up, first, check the specs and conditions of the device.

Must Check If The Hardware is Compatible

If you are using an old device with the new USB OTG tech, then it creates a problem; because your device is not ideal for new OTG functionality. The new OTG functionality consumes less power than the old OTG functionality.

If you want to connect the old OTG tech with the new one, the problem is that it consumes more power. The better solution to this issue is to attach the old tech-based USB OTG from trustworthy brands like SanDisk.

Always Use A Compatible File Explorer

If the software in your device is too old, then it does not recognize the new file format. The better solution to this issue is to switch on the other file manager apps, which support all the file formats and help in reading OTG functionality.

Try some latest file managers compatible with new Android updates and we think OTG problems on Android will get fixed.

Wrap Up

So, those are the methods to fix USB OTG problems on Android. We hope the above methods help in fixing these issues.

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