Losing cell phones has become a common scenario these days. People tend to leave their small screen gadgets in changing rooms, cabs, book stalls, restaurants, and so on. Cell phones are also stolen here and there. People who have a knack for forgetting things can now be relieved as technology has upgraded much software that helps them in searching for their lost phones. Now you have apps that may search your lost cell with ease. Technology is full of apps that will support you in a situation of despair. IPhone as well as Android phones have ample options to search for your lost cell phone. You just have to download the apps on your phone so that these apps can help you in recovering your phone. Lists of a few best tracking apps are given below:

1)  Find My iPhone App–  iOS devices are used often through this app to locate your lost iPhone. You are just required to download this app on your iPhone. This will aid you in searching your phone with ease. This software could be used for searching other iOS gadgets if they are missing. You are required to download this app and sign in to Apple ID and your iPhone will be visible on the map. You can also Find Lost Cell Phone Locations using such a tracking app.

Find My iPhone App - Find Lost Smartphones

The moment your app finds it several things could be done to get your iPhone back. You have to send a customized message on the screen and then play a sound for two minutes at too high pitch. The device can also be locked and at the same time, data could be erased from it. To utilize this app you have to enable the settings of iCloud on your iPhone. Such Lost Cell Phone Locator helps us to find lost devices on a map.

2) Lookout.com provides proper security, backup, and aid to search your Android Smartphone and iPhone- if you are accessing the internet, then the missing Smartphone could be discovered via lookout.com. You need to go to the site, lookout.com from any machine and need to search where your phone is located. As the app on the lost phone reflects the previous position where the phone was located before the battery surrendered you could trace that location even after a fortnight or months. Lookout has a Lost Smartphone Tracker, that would help you to Find Lost Cell Phone Locations and much more.

Automatically a true copy of your contacts is also made through this app and also informs you whenever your iOS goes outdated. The moment the location is traced you could do a handful of things. Such as,

a)      Forward a loud alarm

b)      Forwarding a displaying message which carries your contact information

c)      Calling your phone through the internet

3) A phone tracker app even permits you to find your friends- you could trace your friends via Smartphone GPS Tracking and their iPhone. It could be said as a great way to trace missing phones or gadgets. You could use your friend’s phone to search your phone through the phone tracker app and trace it. This app permits you to locate any activity done on your iPhone within a day. If you are on the Android platform, you can use a trick to lock & erase the device remotely.

Where you could download this app?

a)      Download it for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

b)      Download it for your iPhone from App Store Downloads on iTunes.

There is an upgraded version of this software that permits you to trace your phone in 3 days for your iPhone. Through sim card data you could trace the last location when your phone went missing. The moment you get the phone you could prohibit the permission to anyone else for Tracking a Lost Smartphone.

4) Where’s My Droid Android App

Tracking a Lost Smartphone

Through this Lost Smartphone App, you can locate and monitor your smartphone.  This app has especially been designed for Android Smartphones. The phone could be traced by vibrating and sound function on your phone. It even provides you notification if someone uses your SIM card or some other number on your phone or via some other phone.  The pro version of this App enables you to click a picture through a camera and finally lock the device.

Safet Children Tracker like apps, would allow us to Track Family Member’s Cell Phones easily on a map. It has a Smartphone Locator feature that helps you to Track Cell Phone Location on a map remotely.

It is a nightmare to lose a phone in today’s life. To stay away from this stress install any of these apps on your phone and have stress-free sleep. Every time the phone may not be stolen and sometimes it may even fall into the hands of a nice person who is looking forward to giving it back to you, then this app will permit you to shine the goodness of those kind-hearted people.

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Bhavesh Sondagar
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