Want to factory reset the Samsung S8? If yes, then you here you have landed on the right webpage. In this tutorial, we will discuss some quick steps to reset your Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

The Galaxy series is one of the most exceptional smartphone series launched by Samsung in the global market. Among others, Galaxy S8 is considered a great option, but sometimes you may encounter a few issues with it considering the performance. So, whenever you want your phone back to its reasonable working condition, you have to perform a factory reset on it.

Well, there are other reasons such as case if you want to sell your phone, or maybe the phone performance is slow, or perhaps the phone is suffering from viruses or malware. In those cases, you need to do a factory reset of your Samsung so that your device functions smoothly.

So, without doing any jargon, let’s just start with the solutions on how to factory reset the Samsung S8.

Guide To Factory Reset Samsung S8

Factory Reset Samsung S8 Via Settings

Before proceeding with the steps make sure that you have backed up all your essential data. Otherwise, you will lose almost all the data you have stored on your device, and also remember to put out the SD card and SIM before doing a factory reset.

Here are the steps to follow to factory reset Samsung S8:

  • Swipe the “Notification menu” from the home screen.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon at the top of the notification panel.
  • Under settings navigate to the “General management” option.
  • In general management tap on “Reset.”
  • Then tap on the “Factory reset.”
  • Again scroll down at the bottom and tap on “Reset.”

Before proceeding, it will ask you to enter your “PIN, password, and pattern.”
Confirm the PIN or password” and wait until the process is completed.

Isn’t it easy to factory reset the S8? Well- Yes, you just need to follow our instructions carefully, and you will surely be able to do that.

Hard Reset Samsung S8

Software corruption or other problems may not allow you to boot your device via settings. However, luckily, you can erase the phone’s data by putting your device into recovery mode. Take a look below at the steps. Also, Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8 if it is not before starting with the steps.

  • Press and hold the “Volume up, Home, and Power buttons” at the same time until Samsung the logo appears on your screen.
  • Release buttons slowly, and you will see an “Android logo” with words and commands on the screen.
  • Wait until the black background with color text appears on the screen. Use the “Volume Up and Down button” to reach the “Wipe data or Factory reset” option.
  • Use the “Power button” to select the colored text.
  • Confirm yes by using the “Volume down button.”
  • Again use the “Power Button” and select “Yes.”

So, these are the steps that you need to follow to “Factory reset” Samsung Galaxy S8 in recovery mode. We hope these steps on how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S8 have helped you.


So, all about how to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S8 following the two different methods. You can try any one of the techniques, and you will surely get the results, which means your phone will get back to its reasonable working condition. If not then probably you need to visit your nearest service center as that means something is wrong with your phone’s hardware or software.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it has helped you. Huge thanks for reading this post. For more updates related to Android, do follow us at The Android Portal and stay tuned with us.

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