Android ice cream bandwidth version brought new feature for latest generation. Th smartphone security is based on face identification. Whenever you wish to unlock your android device, it will open front camera and identify your face. If it matches with your face that you set while setting up the security, it will unlock your device otherwise let you to enter other security preference.

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To activate face unlocking features for your android device, you must follow the following steps mentioned below:

How to enable Face Unlock option in my Android mobile

Go to setting menu > Security> Screen lock > Face Unlock.

How to Enable Face Unlock On Your Android

How to enable Face Unlock option in my Android mobile

1. When you go to face unlock option from your android device, first you should find a place where your picture looks clear & hold the device at eye level.
2.Now tap on the continue button and the front facing camera will be open with dotted face like structure. You should keep your face such as your entire face will be covered under that dotted line.
3.When your face is covered, it will say you success message in that dotted line face. Next step is to setup other security in case your device couldn’t recognize your face due to darkness area or spectacles or anything else.
4.You can set up two security option there, you can either set up pattern lock or PIN lock for the second security preference. So that you can easily unlock your android device , if your face couldn’t recognized by your device.

How to activate Face Unlock option on Android device

5.Now you will be asked to add third level android security system. You can set up security question, so that even if you forgot pattern lock, PIN lock and your face couldn’t recognized by your device, you can easily unlock your device by answering that security question.

You have done, Now whenever you wish to unlock your device, a front facing camera will openup and you should hold your device at eye level in order to capture your face. The device will recognize your face and open it up within a second.

Drawback: The main drawback of the android security system is that, sometime a face looks similar to yours can also open your android device security lock by face unlock. But you can have fun when you are using this system.

If you have used this android security system, share your views about it. Or if you are using any specific android app for your device’s security, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.


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