The EKSA GT1 true wireless gaming earbuds are one of the best gaming earbuds on the market. They have a unique design, and they are made with high-quality materials. The bass is really good, so you can enjoy your favourite music while playing games or watching videos.

These earbuds have a lot of features, including one of the best audio latency in the USP category. You will be able to hear every sound from your gaming session clearly without any delays or distortions happening during your gameplay experience with these earbuds for gaming purposes.

The EKSA GT1 Cobra earbuds provide clear and crisp audio output without distortion, making them ideal for gamers who want to improve their performance while playing games or watching videos on their smartphones or tablets earbuds for listening purposes only.

Eksa GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds


  • Easy to use
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Good quality microphone
  • Truly independent earbuds
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Impressive case build quality
  • Affordable


  • No App support
  • No Volume Controls




What’s in the box?

  • EKSA GT1 true wireless gaming earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Small, medium, and large earcaps
  • User manual


Driver 10mm
Resistance 32Ω
Bluetooth 5.0
Microphone Yes
Frequency Response 20 – 20000Hz
Battery 500 mAH charging case, 50 mAH earbud
Latency (Gaming Mode) Gaming Mode, 38 ms
Weight 4.5G Per Earbud
Warranty 1 Year


These earbuds have been designed with comfort in mind and are lightweight, so they’re easy to wear for long periods. You’ll barely notice them once they’re on your ears. The earbuds also come with two spare rubber caps that can be swapped out depending on how much noise isolation you need on particular occasions.

Eksa GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The audio quality is excellent, thanks to their high-quality drivers and tight bass response. They have also been tested and certified by an independent laboratory. So that you know that everything about these earbuds has been carefully considered, from design to performance.

Although you should keep in mind that the lightweight of these earbuds makes them comfortable and also makes them prone to getting lost, you may go out for a walk with them and come back home without realizing that you dropped them somewhere. So comfort is another prime point of these EKSA earbuds.


The EKSA GT1 true wireless gaming earbuds are sure to turn heads with their sharp angles and sleek lines. But it’s not all about looks – these earbuds are also built for comfort and performance. The cobra design is both stylish and functional, making them ideal for any gamer on the go.

Eksa GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Review

The in-ear gaming headphone utilizes RGB lights that make it suitable for the taste of most gamers. It also features a unique cobra design and perfect ergonomic structure that fits every gamer’s convenient use, making it easy to wear, carry, and resist wear and tear.

Regardless of your gaming style, the EKSA GT1 True Wireless Gaming Earbuds are sure to up your game.

Battery and Microphones

If you’re looking for a gaming earbud that will last through long hours of intense gameplay, then the EKSA GT1 Cobra gaming earbuds are for you.

The EKSA GT1 gaming earbuds have a 36-hour battery life and 30 more hours of playback time in the charging case, which is enough to get you through at least two days of gaming without worrying about charging up your phone. They also have a multi-function control feature that allows you to easily control your gaming activities and get a different command from what you want.

Eksa GT1 Earbuds Review

The mic on these earbuds is pretty clear and easy to use for gaming or calls. It picks up sound well and produces natural-sounding voices during calls and in-game chat with minimal distortion.

Audio Quality

The EKSA GT1 Cobra TWS earbuds are one of the best wireless gaming earbuds you can find on the market. It has a 38ms best-in-class ultra-low latency advanced gaming feature that helps gamers get crystal clear audio at the proper timing.

Eksa GT1 Review - True Wireless Earbuds

A perfect pair of gaming earbuds for all your needs, whether you’re a pro gamer or just want to enjoy music on the go. The EKSA GT1 earbuds are perfect for you with their best-in-class ultra-low latency advanced gaming feature and dual HD mic with 10mm drivers that deliver clear audio and calls. The bass is one of the best we’ve seen in this range.

Secure Connection & IPX4 Waterproof

The EKSA GT1 earbuds is a high-quality earbuds that has been designed for your gaming needs. It’s sweatproof, making it suitable for taking on the go or to the gym. It also has an IPX4 rating, which means it’s appropriate for use in most types of weather conditions.

Eksa GT1 True Wireless Earbuds Charging

The EKSA GT1 Cobra is a truly wireless earbud designed with you in mind. It features Bluetooth 5.0 technology that makes it easy to connect with your device, so you can play right away without having to worry about interruptions or dropouts.

The wireless range is 10 meters, so you don’t have to worry about being cut off from your game when playing with friends or family members who have their own devices nearby.


The EKSA GT1 true wireless gaming earbuds are high-quality earbuds that feature a versatile design, exceptional comfort, and excellent sound quality. It’s hard to find any cons with these earbuds that are built for gaming.

While these earbuds have many benefits, their high price tag may be off-putting for some consumers. No matter what type of games you play, whether it’s a casual game or an intense FPS saga like Call of Duty, the EKSA GT1 Cobra earbuds are a great option.

The combination of great sound quality and a brilliant design makes these earbuds a great addition to your gaming headset.

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